Motivation Course in the Company. Personal and Team Improvement. For Remote Active Workers by EFICAX


There are several factors that make an organization outstanding. Without a doubt, one of the most important is the ability of their leaders to know how to motivate their team members.

Motivation in the company must combine the work carried out on the employee treated in a singular way and the organization. It is only possible to achieve high standards of motivation using tools that allow achievement and improvement both individually and in the team.

This program aims for participants to learn the factors that have an essential influence on people’s motivation, discovering at the same time motivational tools focused on personal improvement and increased performance.

With an eminently practical approach, we will address the issues using examples that are applicable to personal life and the business world.


Once the registration is formalized, the student will receive Technical Notes complemented with the resolution of practical problems. The theoretical part is designed considering that the participants do not have specific training in the matter. Our training method is based on gradually giving way to the concepts in an evolutionary way so that the student assimilates the knowledge as the content of the course increases its complexity.

Here is a list of the courses that are currently open for registration:

Once a week, the content of the program will be sent by e-mail to the students and when there is a practical exercise in the corresponding Thematic Unit, the solution will be sent the following week. Each student can provide us with up to two email addresses.

Each course has a Director in charge of ensuring its proper functioning and compliance with all administrative matters. All students will be assigned a tutor to whom they can raise any doubts that may arise about the content of the course.

Students can contact the Course Director or their Tutor via email.

Objectives Motivation Course in the Company. Personal and Team Improvement. For Active Workers

The Objectives pursued by this program are:

– Increase the individual motivation of the participants.

– Know the main theories about people’s motivation.

– Get a wide range of motivational tools.

– Learn to know each other better and carry out a personal improvement plan.

– Identify demotivating factors and techniques to cancel them.

– Generate greater cohesion and commitment between the Organization and its members.

Participation in the program will allow you to:

To the Manager

– Know in a simple way the principles of the functioning of the human mind.

– Help you deepen your self-knowledge.

– React to negative behavior patterns.

– Increase your personal self-esteem.

– Promote behaviors aimed at achieving higher standards of personal performance.

To the enterprise

– Increase the motivation of the members of the Organization.

– Increase reciprocal commitment between the Organization and its members.

– Obtain tools to adapt the behavior of the leaders of the Organization and direct them towards a greater motivation of their subordinates.

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