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Motivation, the key to studying

marzo 31, 2021
motivacion diaria Motivation, the key to studying

What is motivation?

The motivation is a state of mind that causes a person’s behavior to change and become activated to achieve the specific goals that you have set. That energy is what gets a person to perform all the actions necessary to complete their goal in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, if you want to achieve your academic goals, it is important to be motivated.

To encourage motivation for studies, the first step is to define what do you want with them:

  • What improvements are you looking for. For example, knowledge related to your training, language learning, notions about subjects and skills that you do not handle but that are useful for the performance of your profession.
  • Where do you want to go? Clearly define the benefits you intend to achieve with certain studies. For example, an attractive resume adapted to the business demands of the moment, access to positions of greater responsibility, a professional promotion or even a job change.

Once you are clear about your objectives, it is time to specify what you are going to study. Motivation is higher if you find the training useful, practical and attractive. In this way you will feel fully motivated by what you do. Your attitude will be proactive, you will be more focused and your level of involvement will also be higher.

It is shown that when the motivation to study It is strong, studying does not require a great effort. On the contrary, they are an incentive to move forward and achieve your professional goals.

Another factor that contributes to promoting motivation is check that the program is feasible. In other words, we can assume and carry out the study plan without this implying that we neglect the rest of our activities and responsibilities. It must be taken into account that the stress generated by a workload that we cannot assume will cause a demotivation for studies.

Recommendations to stay motivated

In spite of everything, applying in the studies is not an easy task. To achieve this, it is sometimes advisable to follow a series of guidelines so as not to lose that motivation:

  • Be curious. In each topic you study, look for the transfer to real life. By fostering the innate curiosity in you, the subject will be more attractive and easier to learn and assimilate.
  • Trust yourself. Believing that you can do what you have proposed will make you take more actions to achieve it.
  • Establish a study plan. It is advisable to set a study schedule appropriate to your schedule. Of course, when you have established it, try to comply with it and give priority to any inconvenience that may arise.
  • Set ambitious but manageable goals. It is essential to be aware of our capabilities and set goals that we can achieve. Otherwise, not achieving our goals will detract from motivation.
  • Eliminate distractions. When you start studying, do it in a pleasant environment that favors your concentration and use of study hours.
  • Give yourself an award. When you’re done with your scheduled task, reward yourself for a job well done. It doesn’t have to be something big, a little whim will act as an incentive to keep going.

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