Night Baccalaureate and distance education

Night Baccalaureate

This form of Baccalaureate is aimed at young people and adults who, due to exceptional reasons or due to working hours, cannot attend ordinary centers during daytime hours.

It is taught in Secondary Education Institutes authorized by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in accordance with the modalities in which these teachings are organized.


You can be student Night Baccalaureate if:

  • You are older than 18 years.
  • You are older than 16 years and you are a high-performance athlete or have a contract that prevents you from going to an educational center during the day.


The organization of the teachings of these studies depends on the educational Administration of each autonomous community.

The subjects that are carried out are the same as for the day high school, less Physical Education. In other words, the evening Baccalaureate is structured according to a modality (Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences or Arts) in general core subjects, option core subjects and specific subjects.


The periods to apply for a place will be governed by the admission procedure established in general for the Baccalaureate in the daytime regime. Enrollment will be done according to the chosen modality.

Unlike the regular Baccalaureate, the Baccalaureate for adults is not subject to temporary limitation of permanence. However, the Education Departments of the autonomous communities can establish these limits.

Distance Baccalaureate

Distance learning is aimed at adults and those who are in exceptional circumstances or because of their work cannot attend ordinary centers and according to regular hours.

This Baccalaureate is flexible, so that it adapts to personal, family and work circumstances.


For to access you have to have more than 18 years and meet the academic requirements for access to baccalaureate (ESO degree or equivalent, title of Technician, Sports Technician or Plastic Arts and Design Technician).

You can access with 16 years if you are a high-performance athlete or have an employment contract that prevents you from following these teachings in the ordinary regime.


The structure and modalities of the Baccalaureate at a distance are the same as in the face-to-face offer. In the distance Baccalaureate there is no temporary limitation of permanence and the exams are face-to-face.

Where to study

The Center for the Innovation and Development of Distance Education (CIDEAD) provides through the Integrated Center for Regulated Distance Learning (CIERD) the option of taking official studies, including the Baccalaureate, in a virtual distance regime.

On its website you can find more information about the characteristics of the distance Baccalaureate and the educational centers of the different Autonomous Communities that teach it.


To formalize the enrollment of the Baccalaureate at a distance, you must consult the deadlines established by the Secondary Education Institutes or CIDEAD.

You will be able to enroll in the number of subjects that suit you, both in the first and second years. However, keep in mind that to take those second year subjects that have continuity with the first year subjects, you will have to have passed them previously.

What should you keep in mind if you study high school remotely?

Studying remotely can be an option to study the Baccalaureate. It is a type of training that allows you to learn anywhere and at any time, in addition to having a teacher at your disposal to answer your questions and successfully complete the training.

It is important that you keep in mind, also, that it is a modality in which a strong involvement and organization is required on your part that will allow you to comply with the calendar and be able to organize the study well.

Taking into account that the training is at a distance, you should know that the type of activities and the way of learning will imply the need to master ICT, since it will facilitate the monitoring and overcoming of the training.

In addition, you should not forget that responsibility is a virtue in the student, since the objectives that one proposes in a training are achieved with responsibility.

Keep reading our sections to find out about the structure of the Baccalaureate, the criteria for choosing a Baccalaureate center or its outings and connections with other studies.

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