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Nursing Degree in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid) by Degrees UEM – Faculty CC. Health

marzo 31, 2021


Entry student profile:

If you are interested in the global care of people, including biological, psychological and social aspects, you are sensitive to the suffering of others and you aspire to a comprehensive quality training that helps you achieve a high professional level, this Degree is especially suitable for you. In it you can develop your vocation to help others and expand your capacities to communicate, listen and observe.

You can access the Degree from:

  1. Baccalaureate (PAU), through the entrance exams for people over 25 years of age or from other university degrees or from the same university if you have not finished it yet.
  2. Higher Level Training Cycles. Request your validation orientation plan that will allow you to complete the Degree in Nursing in approximately 3 years, thanks to the number of credits that can be recognized from your training cycle to the Degree in Nursing, reducing your training time up to one year.

If you are already a professional graduate of the health branch:

  1. Check the validation plan that exists for Podiatrists and Physiotherapists who want to reconcile their profession with the Degree in Nursing.
  2. Consult the special program for the recognition of credits at Degree in Nursing for Graduates in Nursing, which will allow you to equip Graduates from all over Europe in less than one year.

Scholarship, discount and study aid plan


In 2012/13, the European University awarded more than 1,100 scholarships (€ 5 million) to their students.

Find out about all the financial aid you can apply for:

PAYMENT FLEXIBILITY: annual payment (with bonus for prompt payment) // monthly payment (during the months of teaching) // flexible monthly payment (adapted to your teaching load) // deferred monthly payment (up to 12 monthly payments, without interest)


  • HELP WITH HEALTH CARE *: 10% DISCOUNT in the amount of teaching, for those new students who enroll at least one subject from the first year of the Nursery grade in the academic year 13/14.

  • OTHER DISCOUNTS: Discount continuation of studies // Discount simultaneity study // Discounts Family at the European University. Find out about the conditions!


The TOP Program It is aimed at students who have demonstrated high academic performance in the stages prior to university education and who wish to continue their training in a University Bachelor’s degree.

This program offers you 50% discount on teaching costs, more a complementary training program designed especially for them.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: European University scholarships and official scholarships are compatible and accumulative, so you can enjoy both scholarships simultaneously.


    • Scholarships from the ministry of education
    • Scholarships from the community of Madrid
    • Scholarships from other communities.

BANK FINANCING: The European University has signed several agreements with banks to help you finance your studies.

Ask us which entities and what types of financing we can offer you!