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Nutritionist job –

marzo 31, 2021
trabajo de nutricionista Nutritionist job -
An expert in dietetics and nutrition is a professional with knowledge about the influence of a good diet on people’s health. He is able to plan diets and create menus based on the needs of his patients. The degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and the higher degree training cycle in Dietetics, as well as the specialty of endocrinology and nutrition within the Degree in Medicine, qualify for this work.

It is also a highly demanded Vocational Training cycle. To access it, it is necessary to meet one of these three requirements: to have studied the baccalaureate science modality, to take a mid-level training cycle in the health branch or equivalent, or to pass an entrance test.


Society is increasingly aware of the importance of a complete education on eating habits and the health system has an increasing number of professionals in this field. According to a 2013 study by the mutual Fremap, 55% of Spanish workers have higher than normal weight indexes for their height, which gives an idea of ​​how necessary it is to promote healthy habits among the population.

The main responsibility of the nutritionist job is to advise patients with dietary disorders to improve their health by adopting healthy habits and assessing their nutritional needs. The health specialist, who promotes healthy lifestyle habits, can set eating guidelines and advise patients with specific needs, as in the case of athletes, and train them on the importance of proper nutrition in their physical health.

The nutrition professional You can focus your work on specific areas, such as those mentioned within the sports field (from obtaining marks and results to recovering from an injury), education, research or children’s health.

Nutritionists, being highly specialized in a key area of ​​health, are in high demand to treat patients with diabetes. They will be in charge of evaluating the person and their eating habits, setting meals as well as eating times or recommended physical activity.

The intrusion affects the profession of nutritionist, so it is advisable to always accredit the academic knowledge that is available to apply for a job in this health specialty.

The places in which the work of a nutritionist is most demanded are:

  • Hospitals and health centers, both public and private.
  • Residences for the Third Age.
  • Schools and training centers.
  • Food sector, especially that related to slimming products.
  • Pharmaceutical sector, especially in the research section.
  • Beauty and health centers.
  • Spas, wellness centers and gyms.
  • Professional sports clubs.
  • Commercial sector of dietetic products.

One of the most valid alternatives in the world of nutritionists is that of self-employment. For this, it is essential to keep constantly updated and up to date with the news that occurs in the sector.