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Oldest universities in Europe, do you know what they are?

abril 4, 2021
universidades mas antiguas de europa Oldest universities in Europe, do you know what they are?

Nowadays it is quite common to have access to higher education and we see the institutions where it is taught as modern and up-to-date centers. However, this type of training has not always been so accessible, far from it is something recent. Would you like to know which are the oldest universities in Europe? We reveal to you who were the pioneers in the old continent.

Oldest university in Europe

University of Bologna

The University of Bologna, located in Italy, was founded in 1088. It is the first university in Europe. In addition, due to several factors, it enjoys a great reputation, being at the height of others such as Salamanca, Oxford or Paris. As if that weren’t enough, it also has the oldest college in the world, called the Royal College of Spain. This college was founded in the 14th century. Now you know which is the oldest university in Europe, and of course, in Italy.

Oldest university in Europe.

What are the oldest universities in Europe

All the oldest universities in Europe were founded by the Church. However, with the passage of time, it became possible for lay people to have access to their studies.

University of Paris

Oldest university in France.

How could it be otherwise, the oldest university in France is in Paris. Although its seed was planted before, it was in the year 1200 when King Felipe II gave it recognition. This educational center is also known as La Sorbonne. It ceased to exist in 1793 due to the French Revolution and was later re-founded.

Oxford University

Oxford University.

Famous throughout the world, Oxford University makes this list as the oldest English university. This renowned institution began its life in 1096. It has beautiful gardens and emblematic colleges.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge university campus.

Following in the wake of Oxford (in fact it was founded by former members of it), is the University of Cambridge. Its beginnings date from the year 1209, although it was not until 1231 when it received the royal letter from Henry III of England.

Oldest university in Spain

University of Salamanca

Oldest university in Spain.

I wanted to leave the case of Spain for last place. As for the country that gave rise to our language and culture, we can say that it has one of the oldest universities in Europe, as well as beautiful. It is about the University of Salamanca. It was founded by King Alfonso IX of León in 1218, although it did not receive its university degree until 1255. It was in this year that Alexander IV published the papal bulls, recognizing the universal validity of his studies.

What is it like where you study?

Surely you have been surprised by the founding dates of the oldest universities in Europe. In my case it was. When I was a student, my university celebrated just its 25th anniversary. The truth is that it is a relatively modern organization, taking into account all these educational centers with hundreds of years behind them.

And what about you? How long has the place where you study been operating? They may have a long tradition or it may be a new place eager to train professionals. Tell us how it is!