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Online Hebrew Pendulum Course by Almasarán

marzo 31, 2021


What is the Hebrew Pendulum?

The Hebrew Pendulum is a wooden cylinder, handcrafted. It has two sides, one smooth and the other grooved, and it also has a hole in the center through which a cotton rope passes that allows it to move to reverse its position.

It uses the Hebrew alphabet as a base, where each Hebrew letter has a symbolic and even sacred value.

Each of these characters generates a specific vibration causing a change of resonance and tuning at subtle levels, until it becomes denser in the body.

The Hebrew Pendulum has the ability to detect and harmonize everything necessary in us at a physical, energetic, mental and spiritual level, that is, it helps in the diagnosis and healing of Miasmas, Astral Larvae, Energetic Implants, Magic, balances chakras, works the personal development and a long etc …

This course is especially useful for therapists.

It is recommended to people without knowledge of Dowsing, that before taking this course take an Initiation to Dowsing course.

This course includes the 72 names of God.

1.– What is the Hebrew pendulum?

  • How does it work
  • Profits
  • The Hebrew language

2.- Basic Concepts

  • How is it different from other pendulums?
  • Know the Material of a Hebrew Pendulum
  • The two parts of the Hebrew Pendulum
  • Pendulum Oscillatory Movement
  • The tags
  • The chakras and colors
  • The waves of form
  • The scam
  • Testing areas
  • The auric layers
  • Correspondence of the auric layers with the body systems

3.-Before starting to use the Hebrew pendulum

  • Protection
  • Steps to follow during a treatment

4.-Testing and treatment with the Hebrew pendulum

  • Types of energy that we can test with the Hebrew Pendulum
  • Miasma
  • Go
  • The evil eye
  • Magic
  • Astral Larva
  • Spiritual entities
  • Energy limiting devices
  • The 4 steps of the Technique
  • Testing
  • Treatment
  • Balanced chakras.
  • Auric sealing.
  • How to choose your labels
  • Diagnosis and treatment of energy morbidity
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Miasmas
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Magic, Ritual Magic, Evil Eye, Reincarnation
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Larvae
  • Diagnosis and treatment with label VE-
  • Diagnosis and treatment labeled geopathy
  • Diagnosis and treatment with the magnetic field label
  • Treatment with personal growth labels
  • Remote treatment
  • Self treatment
  • Treatment in plants and animals
  • Clean spaces
  • Basic protocol of healing and energy cleansing
  • Description labels PROTOCOL emotional and personal growth (5 groups)

5.-Recommendation after a session with the Hebrew Pendulum
6.-Hebrew sacred geometry
7.-The 72 names of God

  • Introduction
  • Description of each label and application in therapy

8.-Questions to the Hebrew pendulum
9.- Precautions of the good dowser – 34 recommendations –
10.-Recommendations to work with the Hebrew Pendulum (As Pendulum)

  • Correct formulation of questions
  • Questions and answers

11.- Compatibility in alternative therapies and personal uses + templates

  • Annex 1- Hebrew Sacred Geometry -templates.
  • Annex 2- Basic treatment sheet model.
  • Annex 3- Egyptian sacred oils

*Extra content – Manual Energy structure of the Human being –

The Chakra system
The central channel
– Central channel structure
– Exercises for energy work with the Central Canal
– Applications of the Central Canal in our life.
The Three Tantiens
The Microcosmic Orbit
The Complete Energetic Structure
– Energetic relationships of emotions with internal organs

Competences for which the course prepares you

Act on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
It favors self-healing because it releases its own healing energy.
Strengthens the mind, body and spirit.
Balances the vibrational frequency of the body and mind.
Produces deep relaxation.
Releases blockages and purifies toxins.
Balances the energy centers (chakras).
Reestablish harmony and flow in unlimited quantity.
Helps personal and spiritual growth.
It brings mental benefits and makes you feel happier with life.
It gives more confidence in oneself and enhances self-esteem.
Develop your own human and spiritual potential.
Boost your own resources and triumph.
Fight stress.
It makes it easier to overcome crises.
Helps to find oneself.
Elevate being to Understanding.