Online Tutor Course for Vocational Training for Employment on-line by Training and Monitoring


Bonus Course – It will allow you to be a teletrainer of Certificates of Professionalism.

Teletraining is a paradigm shift and not only a different way of presenting content, which requires knowledge and mastery of new techniques and skills on the part of the teletrainer.

If we simply reproduced the role of the face-to-face trainer in this new modality, the result of the training action would be totally failure-oriented, which is why it is necessary to know the methodological principles that underlie tele-training and acquire the necessary skills to develop the functions that define the profile of the tutor.

It is established that the tutors-trainers who provide training through teletraining, in addition to complying with the prescriptions established in the certificate of professionalism

to be taught, they must prove a training of at least 30 hours or experience in this modality and in the use of information and communication technologies, a requirement

that can be achieved by carrying out this training action.

A complete training of only 60 teaching hours in which individual study will be combined with collaborative work.

With this course you will not only acquire knowledge about the delivery of training actions for professional training for employment in the e-Learning mode, this course will also prepare you to teach any course in the teletraining mode.

UD 1. General characteristics of online training and learning


  • Know the main characteristics of e-Learning training.
  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of e-Learning training compared to the traditional face-to-face modality.
  • Know the characteristics of the students of e-Learning training.


  • Introduction to e-Learning
  • What is e-Learning? Basic concepts
  • Evolution of e-Learning. Current situation
  • E-Learning features
  • Components of e-Learning training
  • e-Learning and Training for Employment
  • Resume

DU 2. Teaching functions, skills and competences


  • Analyze the role and functions of tutors in e-Learning.
  • Know the tutorial system in e-Learning training.


  • Introduction
  • e-Learning and new roles
  • Tutorial action plan
  • Resume
  • Exercises

UD 3. Methods, strategies and tutorial tools. The teletraining platform


  • Know the different theories of adult learning.
  • Mastering didactic strategies for e-Learning.
  • Know the characteristics of teletraining platforms.


  • Introduction
  • Learning theories
  • Adult learning
  • Teaching Methods and Strategies for e-Learning
  • Teletraining platforms
  • Resume

UD 4. Computer programs and tools to tutor students. Online communication and evaluation. Social media


  • Know the current innovations that are taking place in e-Learning training.
  • Analyze the pedagogical aspects of the technological tools present in e-Learning training.
  • Know the social networks for the search of learning.


  • Introduction
  • Communication in e-Learning
  • Tools for evaluation in e-Learning
  • Social networks as a search for resources for learning
  • Resume

Competences for which the course prepares you

Trainer of Certificates of Professionalism in Teletraining.
Manage the teaching process in e-Learning
Design teaching strategies
Design evaluation instruments

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