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Opposition to State Attorney

marzo 31, 2021
abogado estado Opposition to State Attorney

The main task of the body of State Lawyers is to provide legal assistance both to the State itself, as well as to the Autonomous Bodies or the Constitutional Bodies. Also to the Autonomous Communities as established in the agreements between the Government and these. We tell you everything you have to know about the opposition to State Attorney.

State Attorney

Why stand for the opposition to State Lawyer

Once you have finished your law degree, you may wonder what is the way to go. It is clear that one of the options is to try to carve out a future in the private sector; Another is to prepare to work in a Public Body, one of the ways is by opposing a State Attorney. It is true that it awaits you a long journey that will require a great effort, but when you manage to pass it will have been worth it.

You will have a job for all life with a salary that is more than interesting, which will be around 80,000 euros.

We cannot forget that work is also exciting and that for many it has opened the doors to dedicate themselves to politics.

How is the opposition to State Attorney

You have to fulfill a series of Requirements to be able to appear to the opposition to State Lawyer:

  • Have Spanish nationality.
  • Be over 18 years of age and have not reached the retirement age.
  • Have the title of Bachelor or Graduate in Law.
  • Not be incapacitated or disqualified to practice as a State Attorney.

The test consists of 5 exercises:

  • First exercise, it is necessary to expose orally:
    • 2 Civil Law topics
    • 1 on Mortgage Law
    • 2 on Procedural Law
    • 1 of Commercial Law
    • 1 on Labor Law
  • Second exercise will also have to present orally:
    • 1 topic of Constitutional Law
    • 2 Administrative Law topics
    • 2 topics of Public Finance
    • 1 topic of Public International Law and European Community Law
    • 1 Criminal Law topic
  • Third exercise:
    • 1 English or French language test.
    • 1 voluntary test of any official language of the European Union other than the same as the first test.
  • Fourth exercise:
    • Carry out a written action in a judicial matter in which the State or any entity dependent or linked to the General State Administration is a party.
  • Fifth exercise:
    • Practical exercise in which it will be necessary to write about a legal matter of interest to the Public Administration.

What will you work on after approving the opposition to State Attorney

Once you approve the opposition to a State Attorney, you receive your appointment and you can start practicing as such. You will take possession of the position in the destination, which will be chosen in order of score and you will begin to carry out all the jobs that correspond to your new position.

You must be attentive to the call through the BOE. But as we said at the beginning, it is not an easy opposition, so if you want to become a State Attorney, start preparing now.

Like any other opposition, you can do it in person, remotely, online or buy the syllabus and study on your own.

Without a doubt, a great effort that when you manage to pass will have been worth it.