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Pastry professionals –

marzo 31, 2021
pastelero Pastry professionals -
Pastry is a sector linked to the world of crafts that requires very specific knowledge and a high dose of creativity. Among its main aspects we find artisanal, industrial and haute cuisine confectionery.

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To develop each of them, comprehensive training is needed in raw materials, processes, techniques, utensils and tools. On the other hand, it is also important to learn to develop the capacity for innovation and experimentation to promote differentiation.

To become part of this labor sector there are different training routes. Depending on the orientation you want to give the professional career in pastry professional training programs, specialization courses and postgraduate programs can be carried out.

Among the intermediate level training cycles we find the Technician course in bakery, confectionery and confectionery. To access them, it is necessary to have finished ESO, high school, have finished another intermediate level training cycle, take a specific test and be 17 years old or take an access course to intermediate level training cycles and have reached 17 years.

There are also specialized programs such as the Professional Pastry Expert or the Postgraduate Programs in Cooking and Pastry Management or the Master in Culinary Arts and Cooking Management. These programs are aimed at people with professional experience in the sector, a higher-level training cycle in restoration or a university degree.

Most of the courses delve into how to make bakery and pastry products, how to compose and present the products, plating techniques and decoration techniques. It is also taught to make supplies and organize the storage of raw materials and products, it is taught to pack, label and pack the products or design and how to modify the manufacturing technical sheets.

Another part of the training is related to the business world. Here are given notions of administration and management, how to lead teams or marketing and marketing techniques.

Professional profile

To work in the confectionery sector it is important to gather personal characteristics and abilities What:

  • Be skilled with your hands and thorough at work
  • Have interest and knowledge about the subjects and techniques of pastry
  • Be quick to meet deadlines that are sometimes very tight
  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Clarity of ideas
  • Mathematical skills to perform calculations
  • Innovation and experimentation capacity
  • Communication skills

Regarding the competencies that are developed in the confectionery training programs, we highlight:

  • Ability to pay attention to detail
  • Knowledge and control of raw materials, preparation, handling and baking techniques
  • Technical skills for handling tools and different machines
  • Innovation capacity for the search and creation of new products
  • Communication skills to give instructions, distribute tasks, explain preparation processes and also to deal with customers.
  • Ability to lead and coordinate teams
  • Ability to make decisions and know how to act in stressful situations
  • Planning skills
  • Meticulousness to work with maximum hygiene and complying with health regulations

Professional outings

The job prospects for pastry professionals are relatively good. It is a sector with a demand for qualified professionals who can be employed in pastry shops, food industries, restaurants and hotels.

Depending on personal preferences, the professional career can be oriented towards artisan pastry. In this field you can work in companies or small bakeries that follow traditional and artisanal techniques to make a wide variety of pastry products. Bakers have great freedom in creating new products and can experiment with frostings, toppings, and decorations. It is also common to meet customer requests and make personalized cakes.

Another professional outlet is linked to the area of industrial confectionery. Here, the creative freedom of the pastry chef is less, the work is more automated and is mainly directed to the production of bread, pre-baked bread and industrial pastries.

The world of catering in establishments and hotels It also provides important job opportunities for pastry chefs. They can take over the preparation of desserts freely to create new dishes and products and can also experiment with new materials and foods.

To access the haute cuisine pastries in the world of catering the road is longer. The level of demand is very high and great qualification is required.

The world of confectionery also opens the doors to the possibility of work on your own by creating your own business. To make this initiative a reality, a complete business plan must be developed that, according to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, should consider, among other aspects, its market potential, a viability plan that includes realistic economic and financial forecasts, the most appropriate legal form, the means and the human team that is needed, a sales plan and knowledge of the competition.