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Personal trainer –

marzo 31, 2021

People seek the help of a personal trainer for many reasons, including:

  • Maintain good health when suffering from diseases such as diabetes or back problems.
  • Prepare for a competition, such as running a marathon or a ski vacation.
  • Getting back in shape after a sports injury.
  • Get back in shape or get in shape before getting married or after having a baby.
  • Achieve general improvements in health or fitness.

Personal trainers often work in a gym or leisure center, or visit clients at their home or workplace. Training could take place in any of these locations, as well as outdoors, in a park, or in the coach’s own home gym, if one has one. Each session usually lasts one hour.

When a personal trainer meets with a client for the first time, he must set short-term and long-term goals. The coach must find out how much time the client has and how he can achieve his goals.

The coach learns about the client’s lifestyle, medical history, diet, and what type of exercise they are already doing, if any. He also usually does some physical tests, to find out the physical capacity and current performance of the client.

After the initial meeting, the coach designs a plan that details the way forward. Each client has personal requirements and capabilities that the coach must recognize in order to design their tailor-made work plan. Thus, the goals established in the plan should be challenging but realistic.

People often seek the help of a personal trainer because they find it difficult to motivate themselves to stay in shape. A coach therefore has to find the best way to encourage each client. This involves creating new and tailored ideas and approaches to help make training more interesting and fun.

A typical session, once the fitness program has been agreed, should include a warm-up, followed by exercises designed to work on one or more of the following physical aspects:

  • Flexibility.
  • Balance.
  • Stability center.
  • Force.
  • Cardiovascular system.

When personal trainers have already worked with clients for a set period of time, they can alter the training plan to reflect improvements in the client’s fitness. They also ensure that the client remains interested and motivated with the program that is being followed.

Coaches often write notes after each session with a client, to keep track of what has been accomplished, what challenges might be attempted in future sessions, and whether there have been any problems. Customer records are usually stored on a computer.

Some personal trainers give additional client support and by offering their availability over the phone or via email, to discuss any questions clients may have.

To the extent that the work of personal trainers depends on the availability of their clients, they may have to work late or even on weekends.