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Scholarships and grants from private entities to study

marzo 31, 2021
beca Scholarships and grants from private entities to study

Apart from the scholarships and study aids convened by official bodies, such as the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training or the education ministries, there are other private bodies or entities They also offer scholarships and complementary aids with the aim of facilitating access to different official studies for people with fewer economic resources or those students who stand out for their academic career.


Below you can find the list of some of these organizations that offer scholarships for Baccalaureate studies, Vocational Training (FP) and university studies.

It is important that before making the request, you are well informed of the bases of each call and its compatibility, or not, with other types of scholarships and grants. Check out our 10 tips for applying for a scholarship and if you want to study abroad, find out about grants for international mobility programs.

Scholarships and grants from private entities in Baccalaureate

  • Amancio Ortega Foundation. Every year this foundation announces scholarships for 4th year ESO students from all Spanish educational centers to study 1st high school at an institute in Canada or the United States. This program aims to facilitate the learning of English and the immersion in a foreign culture for young people under 18 years of age.
  • United World Colleges. The UWC (United World Colleges) offers scholarships to study the two courses of the International Baccalaureate in the schools of this organization spread over four continents.
  • Scholarships Europe. Banco Santander together with the Francisco de Vitoria University provide scholarships so that students with an excellent academic record visit the main universities in Europe and participate in cultural and leisure activities during a 20-day trip.

Scholarships and grants from private entities in Vocational Training

  • ConfeBask scholarships. The Basque Business Confederation offers grants for students from Basque centers of Higher Degree Training Cycles, university students or recent graduates from the three universities of the Basque Country to carry out internships in work centers of European companies.
  • Coremsa Foundation scholarships. These scholarships and grants are aimed at students from Cesur centers distributed throughout Spain to contribute to the continuity of your professional training.
  • Feuga scholarships. This foundation provides scholarships for VET graduates from Galician public centers to carry out internships in companies of various sectors.
  • Montemadrid Foundation scholarships. Scholarships for internships in European companies under the Erasmus + program. The objective of these grants is to facilitate mobility and professional experience of VET students from the Community of Madrid in countries such as Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Poland or the Czech Republic.
  • Repsol Foundation scholarships. These scholarships are aimed at students enrolled in vocational training (intermediate level training cycles and higher level training cycles) in educational centers located in the industrial complex environments from A Coruña, Cartagena, Muskiz (Petronor), Puertollano or Tarragona. The objective of these scholarships is to contribute to the expenses of the students’ education and, thus, to promote Vocational Training.
  • SEPI Foundation Scholarships. Scholarships for Vocational Training students and university studies to complete a period of practical training in companies located in the country of residence or abroad.

Scholarships and grants from private entities at the university

  • University scholarships. Universities offer their own scholarships to their students to cover the costs of studies or to train abroad based on criteria such as academic record or family income. You must inform yourself directly on the website of the institution in which you are interested in training to consult the scholarships offered by each university.
  • Scholarships Ecoembes-EFE Agency of specialization in environmental journalism. Scholarships to carry out training internships for students from the Community of Madrid enrolled in the last two years of the bachelor’s degree. Journalism and / or Audiovisual Communication, or be studying a postgraduate degree in this area.
  • Fulbright scholarships. Scholarships for university graduates who want to study in master’s, doctorate and research projects predoctoral in USA.
  • Botín Foundation scholarships. Scholarships aimed at Cantabrian students who carry out or wish to carry out undergraduate university studies in Cantabria or in the rest of Spain, as long as these studies are not taught at the University of Cantabria.
  • Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarships. These scholarships seek to promote studies in prestigious research centers. Recipients are graduate students with a high-grade record.
  • Ramón Areces Foundation scholarships. This scholarship program offers aid to carry out postgraduate studies abroad, in the branch of social Sciences, and postdoctoral, in life and matter sciences.
  • Carolina Foundation Scholarships. This foundation promotes scholarships for graduate and doctoral students, as well as stays and mobility for doctorates and teachers in Latin America.
  • “La Caixa” Foundation Scholarships. These scholarships are aimed at students who want to expand their training by postgraduate or doctoral studies in universities and research centers from Spain or abroad.
  • Mapfre Foundation scholarships. This foundation offers scholarships and grants for research in the health field with the aim of promoting the improvement of the quality of life in society.
  • Santander scholarships. Banco Santander offers aid aimed at different interests and needs. You will find scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, professional practices, international mobility and for the promotion of research activity.
  • Feuga scholarships. These scholarships are intended for students or graduates of university degrees enrolled in the Galician Public System for carrying out internships in companies.
  • FUE scholarships. The University-Business Foundation grants scholarships of different types to university graduates to carry out postgraduate studies or professional practices.
  • UNESCO scholarship programs. This organization offers grants aimed at students, university graduates and researchers to carry out internships in different areas related to this institution.
  • ICO Foundation scholarship program. This scholarship program aims to promote economic relations between Spain and China. These grants are intended to study an academic year at a Beijing university during which Mandarin Chinese and subjects related to the country’s economy are studied.
  • Fundación Iberdrola scholarship program. These scholarships are aimed at helping students who want to perform Master’s studies in the United Kingdom or the United States related to the field of renewable energies and the environment.
  • FUNIBER Foundation scholarship program. The Ibero-American University Foundation grants the best professional profiles of each Ibero-American country a international scholarship to do a master’s degree or a specialization in a face-to-face or online university.
  • World Bank Scholarship Program. This institution offers assistance to carry out internships at one of its venues to university graduates enrolled in full-time postgraduate training.

Find out about all the scholarships that you have at your fingertips and plan and organize your search to get a scholarship for your studies.