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Scholarships to study abroad – International Mobility

marzo 31, 2021
Scholarships to study abroad - International Mobility

If you want to train or develop professionally as a teacher abroad, you can consult the grants and scholarships that exist to finance your participation in study programs outside of Spain.

There is a great variety of scholarships and programs, which depend on the objective and academic level of the recipients to whom it is directed. Below you can find programs offered by the European Union, scholarships and grants for university and post-university students offered by different organizations to study abroad, double degree university programs and scholarships to study languages ​​outside and within Spain.

Foreign scholarships

European Union Programs

The European Union has launched a series of community programs aimed at promoting the mobility of students and professionals in the teaching field between the different countries of the Union.

The program Erasmus + It offers opportunities for study, training, work experience or volunteering abroad, as well as opportunities for collaboration between educational, training, youth and sports institutions.

Within In this European program you can find different options depending on the educational level at which you are studying or practicing:

This program offers professionals teaching Infant, Primary and Secondary opportunities of learning mobility, with the aim of expanding and improving their professional development. These opportunities are aimed at both the faculty like to non-teaching staff, to carry out development activities abroad, to expand knowledge and skills.

Shares of cooperation between schools or other organizations in order to improve the level and quality of teaching. Among these cooperation actions is cooperation on-line between eTwinning schools.

This program offers opportunities to learning mobility to carry out studies and internships abroad to students, teachers and staff who teach Basic Vocational Training and Middle Grade Training Cycles. In addition, it helps VET institutions to create strategic partnerships with other organizations and companies in order to establish strong relationships in the world of work.

The opportunities for him student body of FP contemplate the realization of Internship abroad to increase employability, develop skills and competencies, as well as improve your job expectations. The Montemadrid Foundation scholarships, which promote work placements in European companies for VET students and graduates, including those with specific support needs, deserve a mention.

The opportunities for him faculty and the non-teaching staff are perform professional development activities with a view to improving their skills, increasing their capacity to modernize their institutions, and expanding their knowledge of practices, policies, and systems.

This program offers exchange opportunities to students of Higher Level Training Cycles, students university, students of doctorate, faculty and institutions of all the world. The actions of this program are:

  • Opportunities for mobility for learning in studies of: Higher Degree Training Cycles, degrees and masters.
  • Opportunities for faculty and non-teaching staff to perform professional development activities.
  • Cooperation between institutions: strategic partnerships, joint master’s programs Erasmus Mundus.
  • Cooperation between companies: alliances for knowledge.
  • Cooperation outside the EU: carrying out joint projects, structural projects or international mobility opportunities.
  • Activities Jean MonnetThese activities promote teaching and research, cooperative project networks, conferences and publications on European studies.

This program offers opportunities to learning mobility of the personal of Adult Education, with the aim of expanding and improving their professional development, in addition to enabling collaboration with their counterparts from other countries. Via Strategic Partnerships the exchange of good practices and innovation criteria is supported.

Other scholarships for college and postgraduate programs

There are multiple programs and calls for scholarships for university and postgraduate students. These can be organized by public administrations or by private entities. Some programs have a more generic look, but there are also mobility programs and scholarships for specific study areas. Below you can find some of these scholarships and grants that will allow you to train abroad:

  • MAEC-AECID scholarships. These scholarships are promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain and the Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). The recipients are foreign people who want to study in Spain and Spanish people who want to study or carry out internships in countries belonging to the agreement. Spanish and foreign persons of legal age can apply for this scholarship who have a higher degree or a recognized career in certain activities. Exceptionally, some programs allow access to final year university students.
  • University Exchange Program (PIU) of CINDA universities. This program offers undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to carry out exchanges in universities adhered to the CINDA network in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.
  • Vulcanus scholarships. The recipients of this program are engineering or science college students from the European Union who want to do a one-year internship in companies in Japan.
  • DAAD scholarships (German Academic Exchange Service). This institution announces different types of scholarships to carry out training programs in Germany. It has scholarships for university students, graduates, master and doctoral students, researchers and university teachers. On their website you can consult the scholarship search engine to find the most suitable for your personal situation and your area of ​​study.
  • Fulbright scholarships. This program is aimed at people who have a higher degree, artistic studies or a doctorate, and civil servants of some ministries to study, research or carry out teaching practice in the United States.
  • La Caixa scholarships. Obra Social “la Caixa” announces scholarships to carry out postgraduate studies in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific area. In addition, it has scholarships to carry out doctoral and post-doctorate programs in Portugal.
  • Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarships. The main objective of these is to promote studies in prestigious research centers. The recipients are graduate students and are awarded to those who have a high grade record.
  • Ramón Areces Foundation scholarships. This scholarship program offers aid to carry out postgraduate studies abroad, in the branch of social Sciences, and postdoctoral, in life and matter sciences.
  • Carolina Foundation Scholarships. This foundation promotes scholarships for graduate and doctoral students, as well as stays and mobility for doctorates and teachers in Latin America.
  • Santander scholarships. The Banco Santander Foundation offers scholarships for graduates, postgraduates, students, and teaching and research staff for international stays, especially in Latin American countries.
  • Iberdrola Foundation International Scholarship Program. These scholarships are aimed at helping students who want to perform Master’s studies in the United Kingdom or the United States. These studies must be included in the field of renewable energy and the environment.
  • Salvador de Madariaga Program. This scholarship program offers assistance to doctoral students who wish to carry out a stay at the European University Institute of Florence (IUE) while doing their doctoral thesis. Keep in mind that these scholarships are oriented to specific areas, the recipients being people with degrees in subjects legal, economic-business, political-sociological or from humanities. In addition, knowledge of C1 level English is an essential requirement for access to these aids.

In the Baccalaureate stage, it is worth mentioning the IB World Schools scholarships, which facilitate the completion of the International Baccalaureate in one of the organisation’s centers.

Scholarships for dual degree programs

Thanks to the new structure of European training, there is the possibility of taking double degree higher studies. If the university where you carry out these studies has an agreement with a foreign university, you may choose to obtain the second degree issued by the foreign university. This degree will add value to your CV.

These are international mobility programs typical of universities that establish bilateral agreements with different foreign institutions. These programs are aimed at the students of these university centers. To find detailed information on the characteristics of each program and the aid that may exist, you can consult the international relations department from the university where you are studying or want to study. Here are some examples:

In most cases, these programs consist of completing four courses at the home university and between one and two years at the foreign university. In any case, it is recommended that you consult the specifications of each university.

Scholarships to study languages

Learning languages ​​can increase your chances of employment. Although other study programs carried out abroad will allow you to improve your language skills, there are also some scholarships organized by public bodies specifically aimed at finance stays for language learning. Some examples are:

  • Scholarships and grants from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. This institution makes different calls to learn languages ​​in language immersion programs in Spanish territory, for students from sixth grade to master’s degree students or post-compulsory education courses.
  • Scholarships from the Autonomous Communities. Some regional administrations, such as the Xunta de Galicia, announce scholarships to help students who want to improve their level of languages. You can consult the web pages of each board to find the information related to …