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School jokes

abril 4, 2021
chistes de escuela School jokes

Student life is very hard: attending class, doing homework, studying for exams, etc. Therefore, from time to time it is advisable to pause and break the monotony. To help you relax for a while and get a smile on your face, we’ve compiled the best school jokes for you. The fun begins!

The best school jokes

During Spanish class a student asks the teacher:
-How do you spell bullet?
-How it sounds.
– “PUM”?

There is a child doing homework and he says to his mother:
-Mom, how do you spell bell?
-Honey, bell is written as it sounds.
– “Toulon, Toulon”?

The teacher asks a student:
-If I say “I was rich”, I speak in the past tense. However, if I say “I’m pretty”, what is it?
-Too much imagination.

-Dad, I won’t be able to go to school today.
-Why not?
-Because I am not feeling well.
-Why are you not feeling well?
-Why do I have to go to school.

School jokes

A son tells his father:
– Papa, papa, I have good news for you. Do you remember that you promised me five hundred pesos if I passed the course? Well, rejoice, because you are going to save them.

-Jaimito, I hope you studied for the history test.
-Of course, teacher.
-Let’s see, what can you tell me about the Third Reich?
“The one with myrrh?”

Pepito’s school jokes

-Pepito, tell me five things that contain milk.
-Five cows, teacher.

Pepito says to his mother:
-Mom, mom, at school I got a 10!
-Seriously? In what subject?
-Well, a 3 in Spanish, a 1 in mathematics, a 4 in physical education and a 2 in English.

Pepito asks his teacher:
“Would you punish me for something I didn’t do?”
-Of course not, Pepito!
-How good…! because I haven’t done my homework …

One day the teacher asks:
-Let’s see Pepito, how do you imagine the perfect school?
-Closed, teacher!

Short school jokes

-Panchito, please conjugate the verb walk.
– I, I walk … You, mmm …, this, you walk …
-He runs. We run. They run.

The teacher tells a boy in her class:
-Miguel, you should have arrived here at nine.
-Why? Did something important happen?

We hope you liked these school jokes for everyone. If it really was like that, we ask that you share them with your classmates so that they too can laugh. You will certainly make them have a good time and you will be even more popular at school. Also, if you know any that we have not put, you can send it to us. Smile!