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Social networks employment The network of contacts it is one of the best tools for job search. The social media They allow you to work networking (network) and help you find a job.

There are different types of social networks, some more generic, such as Facebook or Twitter, and other more specific ones aimed at creating a network of professionals, such as LinkedIn or Xing.

How do I create my network of contacts?

To establish a good network of contacts, it is important to take into account the following tips:

  • Create a profile suitable for each social network. In professional social networks like LinkedIn, you must include your professional experience, training, skills, professional interests … do not limit yourself to the most basic information. If you want to use more general social networks like Twitter to search for a job, follow the most influential people related to your professional field and publish information on that specific topic, positioning yourself as an expert. If you use your social networks in a playful way, make sure that recruiters will not find compromised or unprofessional images associated with your first and last name.
  • Show your professional objective. Use professional social media to show what your professional goal is and what kind of job you are looking for. In this way, you facilitate access to information for recruiters.
  • Follow groups or companies that are of interest to you. Spend some time looking for companies and groups related to your professional field and contact them. Participate in the debates, contribute your knowledge and position yourself as an expert on the subject.
  • Search contacts. Contacts do not have to be limited to people you know personally, they can be references for the sector, people with whom you have worked (even briefly) … It is about creating a useful network of contacts.
  • Be active on the net. To improve your profile, it is recommended that you share articles, publications or other information that may be of interest to your contacts. If you create a professional profile on a social network, do not abandon it, try to keep it updated.

My profile in a social network or in several?

Job offers always move through more than one channel or one social network. Everyone can freely decide the profiles they want to create and on which social networks, always taking into account, what will be the best strategy to find the desired job.

To look for a job, it is advisable to be in some specialized network, but there are also job offers for other more general networks, and you can follow people or institutions that post job opportunities. You can search for the networks most used by companies and professionals that interest you and add yourself to them.

An important aspect is to differentiate the social networks that you will use for leisure and those that you will create professionally. Take care of the privacy of your personal networks and watch with your comments. Recruiters will search for information about you on the Internet, and everything they find will be used to assess you.

The 10 most frequent mistakes in the use of social networks

  • Find a job in a single social network.
  • Take little care of the personal brand. Your profile is your brand.
  • Do not separate the personal from the professional.
  • Neglect the security.
  • Use a language inappropriate or criticizing former colleagues.
  • Have little activity.
  • Carry out contributions of little value.
  • No to update your contacts.
  • No answer quickly to messages or comments.
  • Write in the form of monologue, without waiting for anyone to respond.

How can I search for a job through social media?

Keep browsing our section of looking for work on the Internet to know all the aspects to take into account.

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