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Sommelier –

marzo 31, 2021

A sommelier is a knowledgeable and trained wine expert who is involved in all aspects of wine service. Usually he works in restaurants and wineries, and often in large hotels. Sommeliers have more extensive knowledge and skills than a normal waiter.

A sommelier works in a restaurant or bar, advising clients on the best selection of wines for their meal. They apply their knowledge of wines to help the client decide the one that suits him best. They recommend wines that go well with different dishes, as well as asking the customer what types of wine they have enjoyed in the past, and how much money they want to spend.

Once the customer has selected a wine, the sommelier takes the order, brings it to the table with the appropriate glass, and pours it for the customer at will.

In addition to working in public-facing restaurants or bars, sommeliers also work in restaurant warehouses and cellars, and are responsible for all activities related to the selection and purchase of wines, as well as delivery and storage. of these.

In deciding which wines to buy, the sommelier works closely with the chef and restaurant manager to find out what kinds of dishes are on the menu, which often change each season. The sommelier selects the wines that go best with each particular dish. They may need basic knowledge about the different dishes that pair with each wine.

Sommeliers create, develop and regularly update wine lists. They should be familiar with all the wines on the list and their prices. They also keep sales records, spreadsheets or charts and check invoice payments. You can also be in charge of budgets.

He is in charge of the winery, where the wine is stored. He handles the delivery of the wines, so he often has to take them to the winery. They make sure the cellar is clean, neat and organized, and that the wines are stored at the correct temperature.

The sommeliers are in charge of stock control, and of keeping up to date the records of the wines they have in stock. When the stock is reduced, they place new orders. They also have to monitor the wines and identify those that are substandard or those that have been exhausted.

They ensure that all wine glasses and equipment are used, stored, cleaned and handled correctly and safely.

Sommeliers need to stay up-to-date on the changes taking place in wine regions around the world. They are responsible for visiting the vineyards and attending wine fairs, for tasting and selecting the newest and best wines of the moment, and for negotiating with suppliers. To do this work they may have to travel abroad.

Depending on where they work, some sommeliers also need to have a broader knowledge of alcoholic beverages, for example to advise clients on the best appetizers, cocktails and spirits, in addition to wines.

They can also organize special wine events, dinners and tastings.