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Spa therapist –

marzo 31, 2021

The spa therapists offer a wide range of beauty treatments and health therapies that focus on the healing effects of water. For the treatments they use water at different temperatures or conditions, such as humid steam or dry air, in combination with natural resources obtained from water or the sea, such as algae, algae, salts and mud.

Spa therapists work in spas and health and beauty centers. The spas can be specialized centers with access from the street, or they can be found in hotels, health centers, tourist centers or cruise ships. Spas often offer a wider range of health and fitness services.

Some of the therapies and treatments include:

  • Hydrotherapy – involves movement and exercise in the water.
  • Float – float in a pool or adapted chamber.
  • Jacuzzi – hydromassage bathtub with underwater jets that massage the body.
  • Steam baths and saunas.
  • Sea water or salt water for swimming pools.
  • Mud or mud chambers.
  • The use of hot, dry or humid air to warm the body.
  • The application of salt crystals to exfoliate the body (to remove dead skin).
  • The application of oils and creams to hydrate the skin.
  • Body wraps, scrubs and masks.
  • Facial treatments, manicures and pedicures.
  • Massages

Spa treatments and therapies can be focused on a specific part of the body, such as the face or body, or applied to the entire body. The treatment offered often depends on the needs or wishes of the client, that is, if your goal is just to relax or pamper yourself, or if you undergo the treatment in order to improve the appearance of the skin, increase its vital energy or improve your physical condition, or fix or treat a health problem such as arthritis.

Spa therapists find out what type of treatment the client wants, and the client fills out a health questionnaire citing any major medical problems before performing the treatment.

The spa therapist then explains to the client what the treatment consists of and what effects it should come up with. Treatments take place in individual rooms, cubicles or wet rooms, which are always kept warm and clean. Normally, clients must be equipped with a bathing suit and bathrobe.

Spa therapists must ensure that the client is in a warm and comfortable environment throughout the treatment and must help create a relaxing environment.

After the treatment he discusses the aftercare with the client and can suggest suitable spa products to maximize the benefits of their treatment.

Other tasks of the therapist include:

  • The preparation, cleaning and maintenance of the environment and spa facilities.
  • The configuration, monitoring and closure of the water, temperature and spa facilities.
  • Maintaining a range of treatments in treatment rooms.
  • Selling spa products and possibly handling cash, placing orders, and recording reservations.

Spa therapists often work as part of a team with other therapists, such as beauty therapists and sometimes nutritionists and dietitians. They usually wear a uniform.