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Study with the help of new technologies

marzo 31, 2021
210210 estudiartecnologia scaled Study with the help of new technologies

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) They provide a multitude of tools that can be very useful and effective when studying. Depending on your goals and abilities, you can choose the one that best suits you to achieve the desired results.

There is wide range of resources that facilitate learning. From programs dedicated to the organization of the study plan, time management and document storage, to applications to work collaboratively, exercise memory or create concept maps.

Next, you will be able to know the following aspects about technologies and learning:

Study with ICT

Advantages of studying with new technologies

The main advantage of studying through new technologies is that You can do it at the place and time that you consider appropriateregardless of where you are. With mobile, tablet, laptop or other electronic devices you can have any notes or content to study whenever you want that you need.

Although most of the digital tools used to study are on-line and you need an Internet connection to be able to use them, many allow you the possibility of downloading the application and working with them No internet connection, in order to facilitate its use anywhere.

In this way, you can study anywhere and anytime, and you can take advantage of many moments of the day to study, or look for spaces in which you like to study, without the need to always carry notes with you.

How to use new technologies to study

First of all, in order to study with the help of ICT, you need to have at hand an electronic device such as a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, mainly. These devices allow Internet browsing, but also allow the installation of programs or applications that can facilitate the study.

One of the main advantages of the different applications that you can use to study, is that can be used from any device, that is, if you have a user created in the application, you can use it from your home computer or from your smartphone indistinctly and all the actions you take are recorded.

When using new technologies to study, it is advisable to know in which way do you study better, since depending on how you learn better, the The chosen study technique will be one or the other, and the resources to be used as well.

These resources They may be:

In addition to using one technique or another, to study well you may need To amplify information about the content. The way a content is explained can help you more or less retain it. Searching for additional information on the Internet about a topic and going deeper into it is also a way of studying that can be very useful and can help you better understand the different concepts and contents.

Another important aspect when using ICT for study is that you can study in group through the different existing tools. Studying with other people can be of great help and facilitate your learning. You can study with others through social networks or web pages that allow collaborative use.

ICT tools to study

There are different ICT tools that you can use to study. It is not necessary that you use all of them, but that you know them and choose those that best suit your way of learning. By choosing the right technique and tool, you can increase the chances of success in the study.

Below you can find some of the tools to study:

Written Resources

Tool Description Examples
Text editors Editors or word processors allow you to have notes, expand them, underline them, share them, etc. In some, the contents are saved by creating an account in the editor itself, in other cases, they are saved in the browser and you can export them to other data storage platforms on-line. Google drive
Tests In some cases, there are tests on-line that allow you to evaluate progress during the study.
In other cases, there are tools with which you can create tests to evaluate the study, and create them together with other colleagues and evaluate each other

Visual resources

Tool Description Examples
Conceptual maps There are a wide variety of tools that allow you to create a concept map. These tools have a wide variety of shapes, shapes, colors to create a custom map. Mindomo
Interactive posters They are used to create a poster that can be used both to carry out class work, and to accumulate information (videos, texts, concept maps …) that can help you study. Glogster

Audiovisual resources

Hearing resources

Tool Description Examples
Podcast Podcast applications offer a multitude of educational content in a wide range of topics and formats (interviews, social gatherings, text narrations, etc.). Spotify
Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts

Resources for managing and storing information

Tool Description Examples
Save articles of interest Browsing the Internet, many times you find interesting articles or information on a topic but at this moment, you don’t have time to read it quietly. There are tools that allow you to store these articles or documents to be able to read them calmly later. Pocket
Information management systems Some tools allow you to save links of interest, image files, documents, highlight information on a website, organize information, share links of interest … In short, they serve to create a personal learning network; a place to store all the information organized on different topics. I say
Data storage platforms on-line In these spaces you can save different types of documents and share them. Dropbox
Google drive

Resources for organizing a study calendar

Tool Description Examples
Study schedule Organizing time correctly is essential to study well. These tools allow you to better organize yourself and set deadlines for the study. Google Calendar
My Homework

Resources for group study

Tool Description Examples
Social media The different social networks allow you to always be connected with others. This communication can also be useful when studying and sharing doubts. Twitter
Video conferencing platforms There are many tools that allow live multidirectional communication to hold group meetings and work collaboratively on-line. Skype
Microsoft Teams

Apart from all the tools, there are also some platforms that allow you to combine several of these tools, such as GoConqr.

The use of the Internet and ICT is increasingly widespread, therefore, more and more tools and applications are created to facilitate the study. Some of these tools have been described here by way of example, but they are not the only ones, so you should try and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Know all the study techniques and the keys that will help you study in a group.