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Are you looking for original gifts for teachers? Not sure what can be good gifts for Teacher’s Day? You may want to have a detail with a teacher for having behaved well with you, but you are not sure what you could give him. Do not worry about it. I bring you an article loaded with gift ideas for teachers.

Why buy teacher gifts

Teachers are an indispensable part of education. Throughout our lives as students, many will be quickly forgotten while others will remain in our memory. There are those who try very hard to do their job well. You know, they prepare classes in advance, repeat things when they don’t understand them, and ask you personally how you are doing. It is normal that in circumstances like this you feel motivated to show your gratitude by giving a present.

Also, when you reward someone’s hard work, that person will be encouraged to continue doing their best in class. Did your parents ever give you a gift for passing all the subjects? You sure felt great, right? In this case, the same will happen to your teacher.

And if these reasons seem few to you, don’t forget all that teachers have to put up with. Let’s face it, we don’t always behave well in class and we often cause a fuss while they explain. Other times they keep hearing complaints about grades while we beg them to raise our grades because we consider them unfair. Not to mention all the weekends that he stays preparing for the next class or correcting exams. Don’t you think these poor people deserve a little gift?

Personalized gifts for teachers

If there is something that makes us very excited when they give us anything, it is that it is personalized. This shows that the other person has not only bothered to spend the money, but has done so lovingly.

You may think that this can be very expensive or that it will be difficult to find a place to buy it. Nothing of that. Today there are many stores specialized in this type of gifts and at an affordable price for all budgets, even that of a student. What’s more, you could even order it online without having to leave your home.

When it comes to customizing it, no matter what item it is, there are basically two possibilities that are fully compatible with each other: the teacher and / or the students. What does this mean? I’m going to give you two classic examples.

Teachers mugs

Imagine that you and your classmates want to buy personalized mugs for teachers. One option would be to find one with a nice design and put your name on it. Another possibility is that you take a photo and print it on the mug. And if you want a combo then you put his name and the photograph.

Bracelets for teachers

If instead you have a teacher, maybe it would be a good idea to look for personalized bracelets for teachers. Surely you can find silver without it being very expensive. There are some that have a badge on which you can have their name engraved. And if the budget comes to you, you can even include matching earrings. You will see how he loves the surprise.

Original gifts for teachers

When we buy gifts for teachers, we don’t want them to end up on a forgotten shelf. You may know that other students are going to give him something, but it seems boring or very common. You are different and you want that teacher who has given you so much not to forget you. To achieve this you must look for something that is special for him, something original and that is far from the ordinary.

I will tell you what I did with some colleagues a few years ago. We had an excellent physics and chemistry teacher. He went out of his way to help us and make us understand things. At the end of the course, we wanted to have a detail but that was different from the typical. We looked for something that was more personal, according to your tastes. His favorite scientist was Einstein, so we found him one of the books he published. We also wanted to give him something related to his subject, so we bought him a Galileo thermometer. And as the final icing, a card with dedications. As you can imagine, he was fascinated.

As you can see, here it is more complicated for me to give you a list of gifts for teachers. You must reach a correct conclusion by following certain criteria. You know the teacher and his tastes. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would like a student to give you. Many times, the subject that he teaches can help you know what to give him. For example, you could buy athletic shoes for your gym teacher. If your art teacher loves to paint, how about some good quality brushes?

Of course, original gifts for teachers do not always have to be related to their subject. Many times they will tell you things about their personal life. Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your free time? In the case of original gifts for teachers, you can also ask yourself about how she dressed. Do you usually wear bracelets or necklaces? What is your favorite color? It does not matter if they are primary, secondary or university teachers. All these questions will help you choose well.

Cheap teacher gifts

There is one thing you must not forget: you are a student. What does this mean? That there is not always money to buy things. The time will come when you work and can afford expensive gifts. But do not worry, fortunately it is not always necessary to spend to have a detail with your favorite teacher.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I mean you can do it yourself. For example, if you are very good at drawing, you could paint a picture for it. Maybe you’re good with the computer making designs. Why don’t you make a montage of it? You may be very skilled with handicrafts. How about you make a custom page mark? I could go on listing many more things for you. There are endless possibilities. The limit is set by your imagination.

What if you don’t know what you could do to him? Okay, do not worry. I am not very creative and that has not been an impediment for me. If you find yourself in that situation, you could write him a letter. You can write it on a pretty gift card or on a blank piece of paper that you decorate later. In it you can thank him for something in particular that he has marked you. Highlight the good things he has and let him know that his effort does not go unnoticed. If you express yourself sincerely, it will surely value your gift much more than anything expensive you would have bought for it. Of course, do not forget to check the spelling. You don’t want him to focus more on your faults than on the message, right?

Gifts for teachers

As you can see there are many possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying expensive, cheap teacher gifts, or even making them yourself. The really important thing is that it is born from you and you do it with your heart. Have a great gift idea that we didn’t mention? Leave us a comment.

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