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Temporary work companies, ETT

marzo 31, 2021
ett Temporary work companies, ETT

What is a temporary work agency (ETT)?

Temporary work agencies (ETTs) are human resources consultants specialized in fixed-term jobs. They have a database with resumes of various professional profiles. The contracting organization contacts an ETT to incorporate a worker on a temporary basis and this is in charge of searching for the most suitable candidate in its database.

ett Temporary work companies, ETT
When the hiring of staff is carried out by a ETT (duly regulated by law), there is a triple employment relationship:

  • Between the worker and the ETT. The worker is hired by the ETT.
  • Between the ETT and the company. There is a commercial relationship, the ETT recruits, trains and hires workers to carry out the functions that the company using the service needs.
  • There is a functional relationship between the company and the worker, since the worker performs his functions for the company.

Characteristics of the contract between the worker and the ETT

  • The ETT may hire the worker, who will assign to other companies to provide their services, for an indefinite period of time or for a specified duration coinciding with the duration of the provision contract.
  • The contract must be formalized in writing and will be communicated to the Public Employment Service within 10 business days.
  • During the provision of services in the user company, the assigned workers will have the right to the application of the same working conditions (remuneration, duration of the working day, overtime, rest periods, night work, vacations and holidays) as they would correspond if they had been hired directly by the user company to occupy the same job position, according to the applicable collective agreement.
  • The worker will have the right to receive the corresponding financial compensation for the termination of the provision contract.
  • The ETT must provide workers with adequate training for the characteristics of the job, including training for the prevention of occupational hazards associated with the job.
  • The ETT must provide all the information received about the user company, about the job, the tasks to be performed and the occupational risks associated with it.

Source: Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.

You should know that…

  • There are different types of temporary contract. Check with them before you start looking for a job.
  • In temporary jobs the salary is usually calculated by hours of work.
  • The termination of the contract requires a notice of 1 day if the worker is within the trial period, or 7 days if the trial period has been exceeded.
  • The employment contract must include:
    • The estimated duration of the contract;
    • Identifying data of the company;
    • Administrative authorization number of the ETT and its validity;
    • Cause of the provision contract;
    • Content of the labor benefit;
    • Place and hours of work;
    • Professional risks of the job;
    • Remuneration to be received.
  • The ETTs are specialized in specific professions and professional sectors, therefore, you should look for employment in the ETTs that best suit your professional profile.

Find a job in the main temporary agencies

Currently, there are many temp agencies that you can submit your resume to. Educaweb has selected some of the most outstanding:

  • Adecco. Human resources consultant that manages job offers and temporary job offers. It has a temporary labor division specialized in administration and another in industry.
  • Ilunion. Initiative of the ONCE Foundation for the insertion of people with disabilities. You can find job offers in the services, commercial, social health and tourism sectors.
  • Infojobs. Human resources consultant that manages job offers and temporary job offers.
  • Hays. International company. It offers temporary work solutions for qualified profiles.
  • Manpower. International company. Offers can be consulted depending on the type of contract (temporary, direct selection, projects).
  • Medi Tempus. Temporary employment company with state coverage. Its subsections offer specialized employment in hospitality, customer service and industry.
  • Randstad. Human resources consultant that manages job offers and temporary job offers. Offers can be filtered by temporary or permanent contract.
  • Temporal Quality. Temporary employment company with state coverage. The offers are organized by provinces and professional sectors.