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The 10 jobs of the future, closely linked to technology

marzo 31, 2021
Llibre blanc The 10 jobs of the future, closely linked to technology

Changing your profession more than twice during your working life will be the rule, according to the Llibre blanc del futur del (s) treball (s), an initiative of Barcelona Activa that analyzes the future of the labor market at a local and global level

The sectors related to technologies, health and the green economy will be key in the coming years as job generators. This is one of the conclusions that it throws the Llibre blanc del futur del (s) treball (s), a publication of Barcelona Activa, the Local Development Agency of the City Council, which has been presented recently and which analyzes the great changes that are taking place in the world of work and how we should face them.

Change your profession more than twice during your working life It will be necessary to be able to stay active in the present and future job market, reveals this publication, which seeks to improve the quality of employment in the face of precariousness and orient the city’s economy towards the sectors that will provide more job opportunities in the coming years. . In addition, the report indicates that disciplines such as Psychology, Health and Humanities will gain weight in the world of employment in the coming years.

The Llibre blanc del futur del (s) treball (s), produced by Barcelona Activa In collaboration with SCCL Economic Alternatives, has had the contributions from 28 specialized academics in terms of employment, among them the professor and economist Antón Costas or the former Secretary of State for Employment in the last government of José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero, María Luz Rodríguez.

Peace of mind, robots will not necessarily take away our work

Llibre blanc The 10 jobs of the future, closely linked to technology The accelerated development of technology and digitization will not necessarily deteriorate job expectations of the professionals of the future, since there is no economic law that affirms that a technological change has to automatically generate setbacks in the world of work, both from the point of view of quantity and quality.

This is shown by the Llibre blanc del futur del (s) treball (s), which delves into the subject by explaining that in the world two opposing postures in terms of how robots and machines will affect the jobs of the future. While some assure that robotization will end most of the existing jobs, there are those who say the opposite and predict that, although part of the tasks will be carried out by machines, new jobs will emerge that we still can’t even imagine actually.

And to show this, the book includes a list of the 10 professional profiles that can have a projection for the future and what we share next …

The 10 occupations of the future world of work

1. Specialist in digital banking and cryptocurrencies

Digital banking and cryptocurrency specialist The electronic transactions and the growth of operations with digital currencies which, for the moment, are operating illegally, will require a new generation of experts.

These professionals will have to be specialists in technology, as well as understand in detail how the banking and financial system works in the digital world.

2. Data hosting specialist

People, companies, hospitals and all kinds of institutions need more and more people with knowledge about Privacy & Security to protect and manage data. For this reason, it will be increasingly necessary to have this type of experts.

3. Food engineering specialist

ingenieria alimentaria The 10 jobs of the future, closely linked to technology The population continues to grow, so it is necessary to see to what extent new possibilities can be developed to feed it.

The food engineering It deals with the transformation and processing of raw materials intended for human consumption and about the innovation of products with a longer useful life, based on chemical, biological and physical phenomena. For example, professionals will be needed to ensure the food preservation longer without losing their nutritional value.

4. Specialists in 3D food printing

Although it may seem like a science fiction profession, research is being done around the world about the possibilities of three-dimensional printing of new food productshighlights the book. There is therefore a high probability that specialized professionals will be needed in this task.

5. Responsible for new business “colonies”

Increasingly, the philosophy of self-employment is imposed on the labor market; therefore it makes sense to think about new forms of organization that the publication calls “colonies” and that is expected to bring together skills, projects and spaces (virtual and / or physical). Someone should organize and be responsible for these communities of “self-employed” professionals.

6. Chief Data Officer or data managers

These people will be highly sought after by companies as they focus on offering increasingly personalized services due to the avalanche of data they collect from customers. Professionals will be required data management experts who know how to get value out of them and turn their skills into a competitive advantage.

7. Privacy Specialist

Both in the future and in the present, professionals are needed capable of preventing messages sent by phone or a bank account from being hacked, with which it will be useful to train in cybersecurity.

8. Human organ designers

Diseño organos The 10 jobs of the future, closely linked to technologyResearch is being done to reproduce human organs using living cells, so they will require biotechnologists that they dedicate themselves to creating organs that the sick may need.

9. Specialists in crowdfunding campaigns

Microfinance processes have become popular to raise money for all kinds of causes and projects. However, not everyone knows organize a business strategy nor work with promotional texts and videos for social networks for a campaign to be successful, so more and more specialists will be needed in this field.

10. Avatar designers or person responsible for relationships with them

In the virtual world, avatars are common. There are those who think that it is a matter of time before they exist in the real world, and that the day will even come when they will speak for people in work meetings or social gatherings. Someone will have to watch over your public image and manage your relationships.

More flexible hours and gender equality

The publication also highlights that in the coming years there will be a considerable increase in the remote work with more flexible hours than the current ones.

Therefore, it will be necessary for employment policies to keep up with the technological change that is taking place, for which both companies and governments will increasingly promote employment. gender equality and above all the flexible hours, which allows future workers to be able to reconcile your personal life with your work life.

Cross-cutting competencies will gain strength

Among the contributions of the publication, it also highlights that, in the world of work of the future, as has been predicted for a long time, the transversal competences of people will become more important at the time of being valued for a job. Among them are the capacity for critical thinking, creativity, knowing how to manage people, the ability to work in a team, and emotional intelligence.

The book states that in the economy of the future, highly qualified people with a high component of creativity; who speak different languages; let them know handle various projects, companies and sectors at the same time, and that they focus on their personal brand instead of being linked in a company for life.

The flexibility and adaptability They are the main skills that professionals should practice, since they will have to be continuously trained, in addition to always being willing to change city or country if necessary.