The 7 professional sectors with the most future and their key profiles

19022020 medicofuturo The 7 professional sectors with the most future and their key profiles

Some of the areas that will generate more employment by 2022 will be the Care Economy; Sales, Marketing and Content, as well as Artificial Intelligence, according to the World Economic Forum

What are the jobs with the most future and what skills will you need to fill them? The emergence of new technologies, as well as economic and demographic changes are constantly transforming the labor market, eliminating some jobs, reinventing existing ones, and creating new roles that emerge at an ever faster rate.

Faced with these changes, different organizations and companies carry out research to predict the future of the labor market and what new professions will be born and / or transformed, as is the case in the last report of the World Economic Forum, Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy (2020).

The study predicts that 133 million new jobs will be created by 2022 and ensures that seven professional categories will be the responsible for generating 6.1 million of those job opportunities.

In total, in the next three years, 37% of the new projected work will be present in the sector of the Care economy; 17%, in that of Sales, Marketing and Content; 16%, in Data and Artificial Intelligence; 12%, in Product development, and the same percentage in Engineering and Cloud Computing; and 8%, in People and Culture. While the projections for the professions of the Green Economy, 1.8%, are low for the period covered by the study, the World Economic Forum indicates that in the long term, jobs in this area will increase due to the growth of environmental policies around the world.

The report also reveals that 96 jobs in these seven career groups are emerging collectively and rapidly, and its growth is expected to be 51% in the coming years. At a general level, the most requested roles and that will present a high volume of jobs will be those of Artificial Intelligence Specialists, Data Scientists, Specialist in Customer Success and Engineers in Full Stack.

The World Economic Forum also details the specific jobs that will be most in demand in each professional group and the skills that will be needed to be able to fill them, because although some of these jobs currently exist, they will require new skills, especially digital and transversal, which will be needed to fill any position.

The 10 emerging profiles by professional group

Find out more about the 10 specific emerging professions by professional group. Although the World Economic Forum report lists 96 jobs, the selection we present includes some of those that also appear in other reports that predict the new jobs of the future: Emerging Jobs Report 2020 (2019), prepared by LinkedIn; Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index: First Annual Review (2020), carried out by the Center for the Future of Work, of the Cognizant consultancy; and 2020 Global Health Care Outlook (2020), prepared by the consulting firm Deloitte.


19022020 medicofuturo The 7 professional sectors with the most future and their key profiles

1. Doctors who are experts in AI and data analysis

The professional group related to health and care will register a growth of 37% by 2022 According to the World Economic Forum and will continue to develop in all its profiles, especially doctors, all the studies consulted coincide. This is mainly because health professionals will be required more than ever due to the population growth of older people.

However, Physicians’ skills should go beyond their health work: they will need more and more digital skills, artificial intelligence and data analysis, as “the maintenance of digital records for health management and the use of more technology powered by AI to diagnose and treat patients”, according to the Center for the Future of Work of the consultancy Cognizant in its report Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index: First Annual Review.


2. Customer Success Specialist

Commercial activities will continue to boost the labor market and proof of this is that the specialists in Customer Success (customer success) have grown 70% from 2018 to 2019 in Spain, according to LinkedIn. The World Economic Forum indicates that this profile will be one of the most requested by companies in the future and that it will generate a greater volume of employment.

These professionals maintain the contact with customers of a company and ensure that the customer’s experience with the product or service is the best possible. They require technical knowledge and good relational, strategic and communication skills to position themselves differentially in the market. These profiles will continue to be needed in sectors such as computer programming, marketing, financial services, ICT services, etc.

3. Sales Development Representative

The number of Sales Development representatives has grown in Spain by 40.67%

between 2018 and 2019, and it is expected to continue growing in the future, LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum agree, especially in sectors such as logistics, supply chain management and ICT.

This professional analyzes customer needs, focuses on sales, define business models that maximize sales and generates value for customers. It is considered a fundamental pillar for companies and requires technical, commercial and social skills.


19022020 inteligenciaartificial The 7 professional sectors with the most future and their key profiles

4. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The number of these professionals has grown in Spain by 75.97% between 2018 and 2019, according to him Emerging Jobs Report 2020 LinkedIn, and World Economic Forum also consider that it is one of the roles with more job opportunities in the future. This emerging profile requires specific skills such as knowledge of Machine learning or Data science.

The specialists in Artificial Intelligence They are present in economic sectors directly related to ICT and computer programming, where they make operational improvements and develop new products. But it will have more presence in the fields of education, telecommunications, management consulting and the Internet.

5. Data scientist

Data is their main asset for many companies: they require data about the market, about customers, about their operations and transactions, etc. The data scientist is the professional profile that is responsible for the optimal management of this data and transform them into useful information for decision making business.

He is a professional who with his technical skills is capable of solving complex problems. This profile has grown in Spain by 46.80% from 2018 to 2019 to join sectors as strategic as Banking, Telecommunications or Research, according to LinkedIn. The World Economic Forum designates it as one of the emerging professions that will have the highest volume of employment in 2022.


6. Python developer

Python has become an essential programming language, according to the LinkedIn report, thus the number of Python developers has grown by 48.73% between 2018 and 2019. The World Economic Forum also predicts in its study that these professionals will be increasingly required.

These profiles work in areas such as Information Technology, Telecommunications or Financial Services. However, they will be more in demand in other sectors such as marketing and advertising.

7. Cloud Consultant

The advantages of storing information in the cloud have generated a
increased demand for a new emerging profile “with extensive knowledge
technicians, capable of designing the best solutions cloud for each organization, “says LinkedIn in its report. The study indicates that the demand for consultants Cloud in Spain it has grown by 48.78% between 2018 and 2019, being highly sought after in sectors as diverse as Consulting, Marketing or ICT. Among the skills they require are knowledge of Amazon Web Services, Cloud Computing, TIBCO Businessworks, DevOps, among other systems.


8. Agile Coach

Permanent innovation, change management and digital transformation have become
in fundamental axes of all organizational activity that require specialized and versatile profiles that help these digital changes to be carried out quickly, such as that of Agile Coach. LinkedIn ensures that the number of these types of profiles has increased by 57.04% from 2018 to 2019 in Spain, and is expected to grow even more.

These professionals must have skills and knowledge about methods to manage intellectual work, such as Kanban, Agile Methodologies, Scrumy, Jira; also require competencies of Coaching, Visual thinking. The sectors that demand these profiles are Information Technology and Services, Management Consulting, Banking Sector, Internet, Computer Programming, Telecommunications and Distribution.


empleos verdes The 7 professional sectors with the most future and their key profiles

9. Sustainability specialist It is one of the professions of the green economy with the most future projection and one that has grown the most in the last quarter of 2019 in this sector, according to data from the report Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index: First Annual Review (2020), prepared by the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work. Sustainability specialists design strategies and activities to reduce the environmental impact of companies.

10. Solar installers

The demand for solar installers has grown by 67% from the third quarter of 2018 to 2019, from Cognizant Center for the Future of Work. And the World Economic Forum predicts that the volume of employment for these profiles will grow, albeit in the long term, when environmental economic policies are consolidated.

The jobs with the most future by sector and their required skills

Know the profiles that will emerge in each professional group and their required skills, according to the World Economic Forum

Own elaboration based on the study Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy (2020), prepared by the World Economic Forum

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