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The 9 most demanded professional profiles in the future

marzo 31, 2021
digital manager The 9 most demanded professional profiles in the future

Experts in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence with good interpersonal skills are some of the professional profiles with the most demand in the coming years, according to the report The + wanted of the future by Spring Professional

The future of employment will be in the hands of professionals with knowledge of technology, a important human component and ability to manage the new production models that come with technological advances, according to him report The + wanted of the future prepared by Spring Professional, the consultancy for the selection of middle, middle and executive managers.

According to this study, companies linked to the digital field will increasingly value the collaborative attitude of the candidate for a position and their interpersonal skills.

“At the competence level, it must be a decisive person, prepared to live in a constantly changing environment, with a very high level of empathy and emotional intelligence to work in multidisciplinary environments, in constant collaboration with all departments of the company and with a global vision, “said Alexandra Andrade, director of Spring Professional in Spain, through a statement.

The most demanded professional profiles of the future will be those who bet on continuous training, have self-taught character, high problem solving ability and capacity for impact and influence. The social intelligence and the communicative skills They will also characterize the most demanded candidates.

The report has grouped the most sought-after profiles of the future in seven sectors: IT, Engineering, Legal, Human Resources, Financial, Industrial and Medical.

The most demanded profiles in the IT area are Digital manager and Cybersecurity Expert; while the Engineering section includes the Artificial Intelligence Engineer, and, in the Legal, the Mercantilist Lawyer specialized in New Technologies. In the Human Resources sector, the most sought-after profile is that of Talent Manager Director; in the Financial, the Finance Business Risk Partner, and in the Industrial, the Industrial Automation Solutions Engineer. Finally, the Medical Science Liason Oncology and Clinical Specialist Health Technology they constitute the most demanded profiles in the Medical sector.


The profile + searched


Digital manager

ITEM Cybersecurity Expert


Artificial Intelligence Engineer


Mercantilist Lawyer specialized in New Technologies

Human Resources

Talent Manager Director

Financial Finance Business Risk Partner


Industrial Automation Solutions Engineer

Doctor Medical Science Liason Oncology


Clinical Specialist Health Technology

Training, experience and skills of the most demanded profiles

one. Digital manager

Digital manager This professional designs, implements and successfully evaluates the digital strategy of companies, especially those in a traditional environment that are in the digital transformation phase or that need to have a marketing channel on-line.

Training and experience. A Digital manager must have a degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business Management or Economics, or a degree in Telecommunications, Computer Science or the like. And if you have a master’s or postgraduate degree in Data Analytics, E-commerce, Design or Digital Marketing, much better. You will have to have worked in Marketing Management positions, Project Manager, and have experience in team management, as well as implementation and migration of technological solutions.

Skills / competencies. Among the skills needed to work as Digital manager are the strategic planning, problem solving skills, leadership and decision making, as well as skills in the face of automation and results orientation.

2. Expert in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Expert He is responsible for detect errors in the handling of data that come from inside or outside the companies, whatever your sector. There are different profiles in this profession: the forensic analysis expert, which investigates an incident and retrieves information from a device, or the hacking ethical, which tests the security of the company’s systems.

Training and experience. This professional must have a degree in Computer Engineering or Telecommunications. Depending on the chosen branch of specialization, you will also need specific training in vulnerability management, forensic analysis or ethical hacking.

Skills / competencies. Your problem solving ability, analytical ability, creativity, knowledge of the business and willingness to train continuously.

3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Professional who understands the language of artificial intelligence: how to emulate human thinking through machines to predict behavior and decision-making in organizations, especially those dedicated to R&D, data analysis and artificial intelligence itself.

Training and experience. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications or Computer Engineering, as well as master different languages; Certifications or a related graduate degree will also be valued. To exercise this profession, prior experience in data handling, loading, transformation and extraction of the same must be accredited; as well as demonstrate knowledge in metrics, reports and data analysis.

Skills / competencies. To know work in a team and have the ability to analyze and solve problems, attention to detail, communication, strategic and business vision, technical and self-taught concern, are some of the necessary skills of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

4. Mercantilist Lawyer specialized in New Technologies

Lawyer specialized in new technologies Responsible of advise companies in matters related to the preparation and negotiation of all kinds of contracts, especially in the commercial area and new technologies.

Training and experience. This professional must have a Degree in Law or Double degree in Law and Business Administration and Management (ADE). Have a Master in New Technologies Law and command of English can be positive. Likewise, having worked in prestigious national law firms and multinational companies will be of great value.

Skills / competencies. This profile must have a high analytical capacity, management, organization and efficiency; as well as knowing how to work in a team, have good communication skills and empathy.

5. Talent Manager Director

Member of the Business Management Committee that designs the global talent search strategy of a company, as well as the succession and future development of the people who compose it, in a framework in which new forms of collaboration and labor relations will be of great importance.

Training and experience. A degree in Psychology, Law, Labor Relations or related will be essential to practice this profession. In addition, having a specialized postgraduate degree in the area of ​​Human Resources and mastering English will be valued, especially if you work in a multinational company.

Skills / competencies. A Talent Manager director you must have a strategic vision of your area, ability to manage talent, communication skills and decision-making, as well as skills to influence and guide people.

6. Finance Business Risk Partner

Finance Business Risk Partner This professional detects those business areas that can generate financial risks, mitigating them by establishing certain controls.

Training and experience. It will be necessary to have a University degree in Business Administration / Economics; In addition, it will be valued to have a Master in Organizational Change and a very high level of English.

Skills / competencies. Whoever wants to dedicate himself to this profession will need to have the capacity for analysis, management, adaptation to change, organization and efficiency. In addition, you will have to know how to work in a team and have social intelligence, leadership, formality and empathy.

7. Industrial Automation Solutions Engineer

Industrial Automation Solutions Engineer Is he responsible for the production flows of companies in the industrial sector, especially those related to the automotive industry and logistics. Its tasks include robot programming, simulation of automated processes, as well as machine management and maintenance, among others.

Training and experience. To practice this profession you will need to have studied a Technical engineering or higher Industrial, Electrical or Electronic, have a third language besides English, being the most demanded the German, French and Chinese. It will be highly valued to have certifications in specific protocols that are related to the programming and maintenance of robots. Experience in negotiation, design and implementation of solutions for clients, and availability to travel internationally will also be required.

Skills / competencies. Capacity for dialogue and negotiation between different departments, business skills, problem solving, customer management, communication, strategic and business vision and technical and self-taught concern.

8. Medical Science Liason Oncology

medico tecnologia The 9 most demanded professional profiles in the future It is responsible for the scientific advice on the treatments of certain pathologies that are developed in the medical departments of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related companies.

Training and experience. It will be required to have a degree related to Medicine, as well as having a Master of Specialization in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Knowledge of English will also be required. Likewise, training and the medical base will prevail over experience and providing practical knowledge in oncological areas will be valued.

Skills / competencies. Learning and innovation, communication skills, customer orientation, involvement, commitment and responsibility are some of the skills necessary to practice this profession.

9. Clinical Specialist of Health Technology

It is the ninth professional profile cited in the report The + wanted of the future that combines knowledge of new medical devices with health. His work is carried out in distribution companies and manufacturers of sanitary equipment, offering a sales-oriented service and also assisting and supporting specialists in the different services of hospitals, mainly in operating rooms.

Training and experience. It is required to have a degree in Biomedicine and have extensive knowledge of English.

Skills / competencies: Capacity of problem solving, stress tolerance, flexibility and adaptation, …