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The admission grade and weighting tables

marzo 31, 2021

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How is the admission grade calculated?

The admission note (minimum of 5 and maximum of 14) to a certain degree study incorporates the grades of Baccalaureate and the general phase, together with the grades of the subjects of the specific phase, weighted according to the corresponding coefficient (0.1 or 0 ,two). These subjects have to be linked to the branch of knowledge that is assigned the degree title to which you want to access.

The admission mark to the different undergraduate degrees is calculated by applying the following formula:

Admission grade = Admission grade + a * M1 + b * M2

Access note: Baccalaureate average (60%) and the general phase of selectivity (40%)
M1, M2: two subjects passed in the specific phase that provide the best admission grade
a, b: weighting parameters of the substances of the specific phase (0.1 or 0.2)

What are the weighting parameters?

The weighting parameter It is a coefficient that allows the admission grade to be increased, as long as the grade is equal to or greater than 5. In the modality subjects of the specific phase, this is equal to 0.1 in the subjects that are related to university studies who want to study, but universities can increase this parameter up to 0.2 in those subjects that are considered most suitable for successfully pursuing said official university degree courses.


Pablo is present this year for selectivity, he wants to study the Degree in Biochemistry at the University of Barcelona. In addition to carrying out the general phase of the selectivity, he has made the specific phase to be able to secure his place. Also, you have the possibility of adding a grade in the specific phase with the modality subject, in this case Mathematics. In other words, the mark in the examination of the compulsory phase modality subject may count twice: once to calculate the mark for the general phase, and another to calculate the mark for the specific phase, if it is one of the two best grades.

His grades and the admission grade to the university have been the following:

General Phase Note
Spanish language and literature 6,850
English foreign language) 7,120
History of Spain 8,030
Modality subject: Mathematics 8,250
Average grade general phase 7,562
Average mark of the Baccalaureate 8,500
Access note 8,124
Specific phase Exam grade Weighting parameter Weighted note
biology 8.00 0.2 1.60
Chemistry 8.36 0.2 1.67
Physical 7.65 0.1 0.76
(Math) 7.50 0.2 1.5


His two best weighted marks are those of the Biology and Chemistry exams, these will be added to his average mark of the general phase of the selectivity and Baccalaureate. Finally, your access grade for Biochemistry studies for the University of Barcelona will be 11,394.

Admission grade = 8.124 + 1.60 + 1.67 = 11.394

Weighting parameters of the different Spanish universities

Here we show you the weighting parameters of the different universities for this course. You have to bear in mind that the parameters for selectivity may vary each year.