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the best films of the university

abril 4, 2021
peliculas de universitarios the best films of the university

Between so many hours of attending class, reviewing notes, studying and doing work, there is always a space for leisure. Surely as a student, one of your favorite hobbies is sitting on your couch and watching a good movie. If you find that you don’t know which one to watch, we want to help you decide. Today we have to talk about university films.

College Movies

If you have not yet reached university but it is your goal, you are surely wondering what life is like there. Or maybe you are already studying at the Faculty and you want to enjoy a fictional story with which you can feel identified. The time has come to disconnect a bit from the real world. Relax a bit and enjoy the best college movies.

Best college movies

Regardless of whether you like comedy, drama or suspense, we are sure to be right. Here we propose a few:


Imagine that your family’s illusion is that you enter a prestigious university but you don’t get it. What would you do not to disappoint them? The protagonist of this comedy sees himself in this situation and decides to solve it by setting up his own university! Funny comedy that will make you have a good time. You are sure to enjoy these teacher and student movies, where the teachers are the students themselves.

Monsters University

From the creators of Monsters SA comes a prequel that shows the university life of our favorite critters. Pixar shows off its creativity again to get us more than a laugh. A good example of improvement and effort to show how much you are worth.

Infiltrators at the University (22 Jump Street)

Let’s go now with one of the cops. After infiltrating a high school, the second part of this story takes place on an American university campus. These two policemen will have to face a gang of drug traffickers.

The Oxford Murders

This film transports us to Oxford itself, where a student comes to the city to complete his thesis directed by a prestigious professor. However, in its wake a series of murders will be committed that must be solved. Entertaining suspense movie that will introduce you to one of the most famous educational centers in the world.

The Social Network

If you are a Facebook user, you cannot miss its origins. This movie tells the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created this social network and everything he had to go through. You will be able to see up close what his life was like while he studied at the university and shared his time with his ambitious project.

21 Blackjack

If you are a student, you are probably a little short of funds. In this college film we can see how a student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) needs money to pay their tuition. For this reason, he develops a math-based technique to win at casinos. Based on a true story.

Not everything is studying

I hope this list of college movies will help you have fun in those moments of leisure so necessary for students. Now, it is possible that you also have a favorite movie. What is the best time for you? Leave a comment so that the rest of us can enjoy it too. Don’t forget to make some good popcorn before each movie!