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the famous hat or graduation cap

abril 4, 2021
birrete the famous hat or graduation cap

Surely you have seen a lot of movies where some students finish their studies and after receiving their degree they threw the graduation cap into the air. If you want to know a little about the origin of this hat and why it is called a cap, we encourage you to continue reading this article.

What is a cap?

The mortarboard is a cap with a square panel in a horizontal position and with a fringe or tassel in the center of its upper part. This hat is normally used in ceremonies or solemn acts. Although it is normally associated with the academic field, it is also used by judges, lawyers and magistrates.

It is true that the cap can be of different colors, depending on the university or college. However, the most common is that they are black. Of course, the cap and its inseparable companion, the gown, must always be the same tone.

Graduation cap

Origin of the mortarboard

Although it is not known for sure how the cap came to be, it is believed to be an evolution of the cap, a similar cap used by priests in the Catholic Church. However, some sources assure that it was the other way around and that the hat that concerns us today caused the appearance of the biretta. What if you are sure is that both have a common ancestor. Its about pileus quadratus, Roman hat, also called pileus in Spanish.

If you are curious to know the etymology of this word, you should know that it comes from Italian berretto, which in turn comes from Latin birrus y means red. It was given this name since the uniform dressed by the henchmen of the time were of this color.

The day you put on your graduation hat

After reading this article I am totally convinced that you have even more desire to finish your studies. On that day, you can finally dress up for your graduation and wear your cap with pride. Don’t forget to take lots of photos!