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the strangest student scholarships

abril 4, 2021
becas raras the strangest student scholarships

Scholarships are generally a reward for good students for their grades. The amounts of money they receive allow them to cover their school expenses or pamper themselves. However, you don’t always have to be a rocket scientist to receive these aids. For that reason we have selected rare scholarships that will surprise you.

The Most Amazing Rare Scholarships

Government grants to students are normally governed by two criteria: good grades and income level. As curious as it may seem, some organizations are totally different and have very peculiar criteria to designate those deserving of these financial assistance. Below you will find a list of rare scholarships that will surprise you:

Do nothing

Scholarship Alice McArver Ratchford is focused on young students at the University of North Carolina. Basically, you don’t have to do anything to be able to request it. The requirements, apart from having to live on campus, are that you have never been married, that you do not have a car and also that you have not received any other scholarship.

Be sinister

Lefties (sinister) are in luck. Students at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, can receive the Frederick and Mary T. Beckley Scholarship. Apart from having to be a good student, what makes this help special is the necessary condition that your dominant hand is the left.

Talk to ducks

Up to $ 2,000 nothing more and nothing less is what you can get for talking to ducks. To get it, you only have to participate in the contest Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling, organized in Stuttgart, Arkansas. As a requirement, you must be a senior high school (or high school) student and be able to attract these animals with your call.

Play Final Fantasy

If you are an expert in the saga of Squaresoft, you are in luck. Scholarship Final Fantasy Fan awards $ 1,000 to passionate gamers of these video games. To get it, you must write an essay of five paragraphs or less explaining your experiences and adventures with the Final Fantasy titles. Now your mom won’t be able to tell you that you’re wasting your time every time she sees you hooked on one of these role-playing games. In the following link you have all the information about one of the rare scholarships for gamers:

To be tall as a lamppost

Being able to look a giraffe in the eye has its advantages. The Tall Clubs International awards a scholarship of $ 1,000 to those with a minimum height. In the case of boys, they ask to measure more than 1.88m, while women only require a height of 1.55m. Additionally, it must be your first year of college.

Load golf clubs

Surely you have heard about the large amounts of money that athletes in the US receive to go to university. But what if I told you that there are also scholarships for those who watch how others do sports? As you hear it. The Evan Scholars Foundation is dedicated to helping caddies in need. In case you don’t know this term, a caddy is the person who is in charge of bringing the golf clubs to the players. This has already become a tradition since it began in 1930.

Eat grass

It does not matter why a person does not eat meat. If you are a vegetarian, you can apply for a study grant. The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship awards freshmen 1 prize of $ 10,000 and 2 of $ 5,000. Other qualifying requirements are promoting the vegetarian lifestyle in the community or neighborhood.

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Choose Career

You have already seen that there are many options and variety when it comes to being able to get a little more money during the life of a student. In one way or another it is easy to end up fitting into one of them. So taking into account your circumstances and qualities, what rare scholarship would you apply for?