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Tips for applying for a scholarship

marzo 31, 2021
beca10 Tips for applying for a scholarship

10 tips for applying for a scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is not complicated, but there are a series of steps to be taken and it is important that you do not skip any and do them all correctly, otherwise, your application may be rejected due to the lack of a document or for not complying with the calendar .


Below you can find 10 tips that will help you correctly apply for your scholarship:

  • Find out about all the scholarships that you have at your fingertips. Look for them based on the educational stage, the type of loan, in relation to what you can cover with the aid received, etc. We recommend that you explore the possibilities available to you before opting for one.
  • Read carefully the bases of the calls. Each of the grants and scholarships specifies the requirements, the documentation you need to present, the application deadlines, and what commitment you have when receiving said aid. Stay constantly updated so you don’t miss any details.
  • Make a list of the grants and scholarships that you can apply for. After exploring and knowing in depth what each one consists of, it is good that you order your ideas. For this reason, if you create a list of all the scholarships that interest you, it will help you prioritize which of them you should apply for. In some cases, you can request more than one scholarship, but in others, the request for more than one scholarship is incompatible.
  • Create a planning calendar. Look for them months before the enrollment period. In a calendar, enter the key dates, and thus make sure that you respect the deadlines of the requests. Write down the contact information, such as email, telephone, or face-to-face location, so you don’t lose track of where to seek advice. This step will help you with the planning and follow-up of your application.
  • Prepare the documentation. The main procedures are done online. Have your ID or passport, bank details, center or university details, large family, disability accreditation, etc. at hand. You need to have all the documentation at hand so that you are not logged out as a user before finishing the scholarship process.
  • Fill out the application. These are usually standard forms, with general questions for all users. Remember that it may be necessary to complement it with the presentation of the documentation at official headquarters. If you have to create a username and password first, make it easy for yourself! Use those data that you can remember well. And if not, because they come predefined, write them down so you don’t lose your online access.
  • Check all your data. Before sending the request, check that all the information is correct; which are still the ones you started on the draft. It is important that you check that you have correctly written the email or postal mail, because that is where the entire assignment verdict will arrive, as well as the bank account, which is where the benefit will be paid.
  • Process the scholarship. It is time to send all the documentation. It is key to have a receipt or a certificate that everything has arrived correctly, and that you verify that you are in the process. If you are not clear, call the references.
  • Follow the request. Do not let the time pass by. Follow your request from the first moment. That will help you get ahead of any problems that may occur. Think that with the online user, you can be connected wherever you are, at any time.
  • Claim period. If you receive a notice that the aid or scholarship has been denied, they will specify the reasons when sending the opinion. If more documentation is necessary, they will propose a period of time so that you can send it or clarify any doubts. If they still deny your request, remember that there are other alternatives.

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