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What are professional competencies?

marzo 31, 2021

Definition of professional competences

The professional skills They are the integrated set of skills, knowledge and aptitudes that are needed to perform a specific job or develop certain professional activities.

Each job requires different skillsTherefore, depending on your professional objective, you will need to develop one or the other. It is important that you know the competencies you have and those that will be required in the desired job position to identify what your areas of improvement are and look for the best options to develop those skills.

Types of professional skills

Professional skills can be classified into two large groups:

Technical competences

The technical skills, also calls specific competences or hard skills, They are those that are associated with certain jobs and are essential to develop a specific work activity successfully.

For example, a person who has been trained in cooking should have acquired technical skills such as the use of knives, cooking techniques or organization of a kitchen.

These competencies they are different in each profession and are usually acquired by performing a specific training. Thus, it is about mastery of any technique or tool necessary for the correct performance of the functions.

Currently, many professional sectors have been affected by the digitization, a reality that has been accentuated by the impact of the health and economic crisis produced by COVID-19. This has meant that a large number of people, whether or not they carry out an activity related to the digital sector, develop knowledge in digital technologies.

Transversal competences

The transversal competences or soft skills are all those skills, knowledge and attitudes that can be generalized to any work environment, that is, they can be put into practice in different types of professions.

The transversal competences serve to develop different occupations and have been acquired in different contexts (work or not). Some transversal competences are: teamwork, adaptability, initiative, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and autonomy.

Transversal competences are a fundamental part of the professional profile, since allow you to differentiate yourself from other people with the same training and experience.

For the effective exercise of a profession, you have to put into play both types of competences. The technical skills to practice a profession are usually the first valued by employers, but all those are increasingly valued transversal competences that you can transfer to any professional activity, help you to differentiate yourself from others and make you more suitable for a type of job.

The transversal skills of professionals are not a mere complement to the technical skills for which one has been hired or valued in their job. These competencies must be incorporated into the curriculum as identifying elements of a professional attitude appropriate to modern times.

Analyze your profile to know in depth what are the personal characteristics and skills that differentiate you from others and will help you achieve a better personal brand.

Discover the transversal skills best valued in the labor market, emerging sectors and take the necessary actions to achieve a competitive profile that fits with your professional project.