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What are scholarships and what scholarships are there?

marzo 31, 2021
What are scholarships and what scholarships are there?

What are scholarships?

The scholarships These are grants for the financing of studies that are offered to students by an organization or entity. These financial contributions can be for compulsory or post-compulsory studies, and are always granted when the student meets the requirements established in the call. In addition to scholarships, there are other ways to finance studies.


What economic facilities exist to study?

There are different grants, scholarships, financing systems, payment installments or other options that allow you to face the cost of your studies, either through opportunities promoted by Public Administrations or private entities.

The scholarships and aid to study They will allow you to study without having to worry about the cost. To be eligible for these funding grants, you have to meet the requirements set out in each call and submit all the documentation within the indicated period.

On the website of each convening body you can check the requirements, the period in which you have to start processing your application and the documentation you need to prove to qualify for the benefit.

In the case of installment payment, the centers can raise the charges in different terms and periods of the course, instead of doing it in a single payment. It is a comfortable way to pay for studies, and meet the financial needs of students. It allows you to have a forecast and planning with a margin of time.

On the other hand, the financing and loans They can be through entities that are already engaged in this type of service, such as banks and savings banks, or other private entities. With this option you can obtain a loan that helps you pay for your studies in installments and with low interest.

What types of scholarships are there?

There are different types of scholarships and grants convened by different organizations or entities. In general, you can find the following types of scholarships:

  • Tuition scholarships: these scholarships help you in the total or partial payment of tuition.
  • Travel scholarships: these are scholarships that fully or partially cover the amount that a student has to travel daily (a minimum distance) to be able to carry out their studies.
  • Mobility grants: these scholarships are awarded to those students who decide to participate in an academic mobility program, whether national or international. One of the best known programs for these scholarships is the Erasmus + program.
  • General scholarships (fixed or variable amount): these are scholarships awarded to students with a low family income. The amount of the scholarship can be fixed or variable depending on the personal situation of the applicant and the call.
  • Basic scholarships: they are scholarships of a fixed amount that are granted to some students to study. One of the main criteria for obtaining this scholarship is having a low family income.
  • Material scholarships: scholarships to help buy school supplies.
  • Dining scholarships: scholarships that cover the total or partial amount of the school canteen.
  • Residency scholarships: these are scholarships that cover all or part of the residency expenses of people who have to go to live in another city in order to study.
  • Scholarships for specific studies: there are calls for scholarships to pursue a specific type of study, such as postgraduate studies in the scientific field. To qualify for these scholarships, the academic record is very important.
  • Scholarships for internships: some organizations announce scholarships to carry out an internship in a specific company or institution.
  • Scholarships for research programs: these are scholarships aimed at people who wish to pursue higher research studies.

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