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What degrees can I study online?

marzo 31, 2021
grados online What degrees can I study online?

What degrees can I study online?

Are you considering studying an online degree? Do you have doubts about this type of training offer?

Currently, most studies can be taken online, and degrees are no exception. The training offer of degrees that can be studied online has grown in recent years, facilitating access to this training for many students.

Online degree

Study a degree online or at a distance It favors being able to study anywhere at any time, but you have to take into account some key aspects that will help in the success of your studies:

  • Good organization. Even if there are no schedules, you have to set a minimum weekly study hours to be able to achieve all the objectives of each subject. Keep in mind that the fact that it is online does not mean that there is not a calendar and deadlines that you must meet in each subject. Failure to turn in work on time can be a reason for suspense.
  • ICT domain. You do not have to be an expert, but you do have to have a certain competence to use the different tools and learning environments.
  • Responsibility. You are responsible for your success in studies. At the university, no one is going to chase you to turn in a job, it is your responsibility to study and turn in assignments on time.

What online degree to choose?

If you are thinking of studying a degree, first of all you have to identify what degree do you want to study and, once the choice is made, confirm that these studies can be completed online. If the studies you want to do are not taught online, and you do not have the possibility of attending the University in person, you can search for studies that are related and that allow you to access professions in which you can perform the same tasks or similar tasks.

Remember, first you choose the formation, and then you find out about the modality and the centers in which to take it. If you do the process the other way around, you will lose opportunities to study more in line with your interests.

Is an online or face-to-face degree better?

Thanks to new technologies, the experience between studying a degree in person or online is very similar. Even so, we cannot forget that in the studies that require more hours of experimental face-to-face practices, face-to-face training may be the best option. For this same reason, not all university degrees can be taken online.

The best option is the one that suits your interests and your possibilities. Online training is just as valid as face-to-face training; You just have to assess all the advantages and disadvantages that each training modality offers you.

Face-to-face races Online careers
  • There is a greater training offer.
  • There is direct contact with the teaching staff and with the rest of the students.
  • There are weekly schedules.
  • To attend class, you have to travel.
  • The training offer is less.
  • Contact with teachers and students is virtual.
  • There are no schedules, you have to organize yourself according to your availability.
  • It can be studied from anywhere.
  • In some cases, face-to-face exams or evaluations are required.

10 careers you can take online

Currently there are 6 universities that offer all their undergraduate studies online or at a distance, which means more than a hundred undergraduate and double degrees. In addition to these universities, some of the face-to-face universities offer degrees in blended or online modality.

Below we have selected 10 degrees you can study online:

  • Degree in lawLaw firms provide you with a wide variety of career opportunities as a lawyer or notary, for example. The demand for these professionals is also high, these studies being the ones that present the best job prospects today.
  • Degree in elementary education: This is the necessary training so that you can practice as a teacher or teacher of primary education. If you like education and girls and boys from 6 to 12 years old, these studies interest you.
  • Degree in Psychology: The specializations that the Degree in Psychology presents are several, among the best known are educational psychology, work psychology or health or clinical psychology. If you are a person who likes to help others and you have interests in the field of health, find out well about this degree.
  • Degree in Computer Engineering: Today female and male computer engineers enjoy a good professional moment. The rapid evolution and insertion of ICT in different professional fields has produced a strong demand for specialists in this field. The breadth of the sector has also led to a wide variety of specializations and offers a multitude of opportunities.
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering: the engineering sector has several specialties, and in the industrial field there is mechanics. These studies interest you if you want to acquire the necessary skills to design, direct, plan and manage industrial projects related to mechanics.
  • Degree in Humanities: Are you interested in culture and heritage? With these studies you will acquire a solid training in these aspects with a scientific and methodological basis. This will allow you to apply this knowledge in fields such as cultural management and dynamization or the publishing world, among others.
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management: This is one of the degrees most offered by universities and also one of the ones with the best job prospects. Its great versatility and variety of specializations make it a very attractive degree.
  • Degree in Chemistry: these experimental studies are focused on research and application in different fields of this science. Its professional opportunities and fields of action are multiple, which makes it an attractive degree if you have scientific gifts.
  • Degree in Journalism: communication sciences and journalism are studies that offer you a global and critical vision of society and provide you with the most effective strategies to get information to all audiences. If you like to communicate and research, these studies are for you.
  • Degree in MarketingMarketing studies, linked to business or advertising are among those with favorable employment prospects. If you are a person with an entrepreneurial spirit, you like the business sector, you are dynamic and creative, these studies may interest you.