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what is it and what functions does it have

abril 4, 2021
profesor emerito what is it and what functions does it have

Nowadays the word emeritus seems to be very fashionable. We have kings and popes who hold this title. So in this article we are going to talk about what a Emeritus Professor and what functions does it have.

Emeritus Meaning

Before going to talk in depth about emeritus professors, you have to understand what this word means to which not everyone is accustomed. If we take a look at the dictionary we will find a fairly accurate definition of this term. This adjective is used to refer to people, especially teachers or professors, who are retired but still maintain part of their duties and their honors.

What is an emeritus professor?

Retired teachers who have done outstanding educational work or who have done prominent research work may be appointed Emeritus Professors by the university itself. Unsurprisingly, these individuals are highly regarded in the educational community.


In addition to the essential requirement of being retired, the criteria for awarding these appointments are not unified. In other words, each place has its own regulations and, therefore, different requirements must be met depending on the place where this profession is practiced. Let’s look at some examples:


In the universities of Mexico, it is usually required that the teacher has practiced at least 30 years. Such is the case of the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). It is the University Council that is in charge of granting the appointment to those teachers and researchers who have an excellent record.


To receive the title of professor emeritus in the universities of Spain, there are not so many years that are required in Spain. In this case they are reduced to 10. The decision rests with the University’s own Governing Council. His powers will be developed part-time for two years, with the possibility of extension.


If we turn our gaze towards England, we will see that they are more lax in terms of the requirements that emeritus professors have to meet. There, once the stipulated years have elapsed, this title is granted automatically. This means that not necessarily all those who receive this honor have done a work of excellence in their field.

Functions of Emeritus Professors

Beyond the recognition that their degree gives them, there are several teaching tasks in which these personnel can participate. The most outstanding ones are listed below:

  • Seminars
  • Masteries
  • Direction of doctoral theses
  • Master classes
  • Investigator

As you can see, there are many and diverse tasks that they can perform. All these functions are very important and require great responsibility on the part of those who carry them out.

It should be noted that this is not the same in all universities. Depending on the department to which he belongs, the teacher will be authorized to exercise one or other functions.

After analyzing their work, surely you understand why emeritus professors are very valuable in the academic field. They have a lot of knowledge and years of experience that you can benefit from. If you ever come across one in your life as a student, feel free to thank them for their hard work.

Would you like to have a professor emeritus?

For your part, do you think it is a good idea for retired teachers to be able to continue practicing? Do you think it is better to bet on new people with more energy? Leave us a comment so we know what you think about this matter.