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What is it and what is it for

abril 4, 2021
asignatura troncal What is it and what is it for

When analyzing any study plan you will be able to observe that there are different kinds of subjects. One of the most common types that you will find is that of the core subject. Keep reading this article to find out what it is and what features it has.

Definition of core subject

When this term is used it is to refer to that subject for which the Government establishes the common contents, the learning guidelines that are going to be evaluated and the minimum number of hours that must be taught. The content of these subjects is supplemented by the educational administrations. In addition, these administrations also have the authority to establish the maximum school hours.

What are the core subjects for?

By establishing core subjects, the Government is ensuring that all students in the country will receive the same basic education for a given career or vocational training. That is to say, that there is a universal teaching.

This will ensure that, regardless of whether you study in a school with a lot of reputation or one that may not have such a good reputation, the minimum knowledge you receive is sufficient for you to be able to properly perform the trade you are learning.


As you can see from these characteristics, the core subjects, in addition to being compulsory, are of great importance. For this reason, there are teachers of different subjects considered electives who are fighting so that they can become core

An example of this is in Spain. In this country, they have even opened a petition to collect 35,000 signatures so that music education can receive this classification. Among other things, within the arguments of this claim the many benefits of studying music regularly are listed.

The favorites and the most hated

Now it is your turn to give your opinion. Tell us what is your preferred core subject. You can also tell us about the one you like the least. Math is sure on your list. Do not forget to write your comment and vent.