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What to do in quarantine so as not to get bored

abril 4, 2021
que hacer en cuarentena para no aburrirse What to do in quarantine so as not to get bored

Due to the coronavirus, quarantine has been decreed in many places. This means that classes have been suspended and students have to stay home in quarantine. This is not a joke, but this matter must be taken very seriously. For this reason, from ChooseCarrera we join the #yomequedoencasa initiative. To help you for days, we have written this article on what to do in quarantine so as not to get bored.

What to do during the coronavirus quarantine

It is clear that each person has their circumstances. You may live alone, roommate, or with family. Maybe you are in a small studio or in a large country house. No matter what your situation is, there are always things to do in quarantine so as not to get bored.

consejos para no aburrirse en la cuarentena What to do in quarantine so as not to get bored

Leisure time

Watch movies

Today, internet access gives us the opportunity to watch the movie we want at the time we want. There are many platforms that put at your disposal a wide variety of titles to fill in those dead hours. In addition, on many occasions you will have the opportunity to see them in their original version. This will also help you practice other languages. Many of these sites offer free subscriptions for one month. So you will not have to pay absolutely anything at the moment.

Playing video games

If you are a fan of video games, you are in luck. You have a great opportunity to dedicate time to those titles that you have always wanted and have never been able to. If your game library falls short, you can buy many games at low prices on well-known platforms such as Steam or Epic. You can also take the opportunity to play with your friends online and in this way you will also be socializing.


Singing is a very entertaining activity that helps to improve your mood. On YouTube you can find your favorite song in karaoke version and give the best of yourself.

Take care of health


Another thing to do during quarantine is exercise. Being locked up at home is not an excuse to stay on the couch all day. It is true that not going out has a lot to do with our physical activity. However, you should avoid having a sedentary life during these days. Take the opportunity to perform different exercise tables. This will not only help you break the monotony, but you will also get to consume all those calories that you normally burn when you go outside. There are also a multitude of gymnastics videos on YouTube that you can follow without having any special equipment beyond sportswear.

To sleep

In the busy lives that we often lead, we often do not get the sleep our body needs. It is time for you to think a bit about your health and have a good sleep routine. Remember that doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep every day.

Eat well

Nor should we neglect a good diet. Another way to have fun during quarantine can be to learn how to cook a new dish. Cast the situation to prepare something that is nutritious and tasty. You have countless recipes at your fingertips on pages dedicated to the world of cooking.

Cultural activities

To visit museums

An option that is great for cultivating yourself and having a good time taking a virtual visit to a museum. If you don’t know where to start, we are going to give you two very important recommendations. The first is the Prado Museum, which is located in Madrid and has become a benchmark. We also recommend the Museum of Modern Art in New York, called MOMA. And if all this were to raise you little and you want more, do not stop visiting Google Arts and Culture. Sure to learn a lot of things.

Read books

Home confinement is a perfect opportunity to spend time reading books. Surely you have a classic novel at home that you have not read yet. You can also take the opportunity to retake those books that I did a long time ago and that you liked so much. Also, if you really want to read a novel that you don’t have, you can search for it in electronic format.

Go to the theater

Watching a play without leaving home is now easier than ever. The theater library website puts at your fingertips many high-quality works. One of the best known is that of The dog in the manger. Dress elegantly, sit on the sofa at home and start seeing it right away. Surely you can boast of being a cultured person on your social networks.

House chores

Collaborate on household chores

If you live with your family, surely they have had to continue working. However, housework does not understand quarantine. Help your parents with cleaning. They will surely thank you.


It does not matter if you are one of the people who are good at cooking or you are just a beginner. It is a good time to get down to business. Try to learn how to prepare a new dish or cook your favorite food. In addition to covering a need, you will have a good time.

Put order

It is true that this does not seem to be fun, but surely it is necessary. Take advantage of the fact that you now have time to order your room in depth. Review the old notes you have and decide if you want to keep them or if they just get in the way. Do the same with the clothes in your closet and with anything that you have been accumulating for a long time and that you do not use at all.

What to do during quarantine.


Get back in touch

You sure have friends you haven’t talked to in a long time. Maybe there are ex-schoolmates you miss. Now is the time to find them and catch up on them. You don’t know the memories that will come to your mind if you do this.

Write letters

There are hospitals where they have many infected with coronavirus and they are accepting letters for the sick. You could write one telling something interesting and showing interest in the people who are there. Surely you can make the day of someone who is in a very difficult situation. You can send your message to any of the addresses at this link:

Tips for not getting bored in quarantine

Although it is necessary that you spend time in leisure and have fun, it is also important to do productive activities. Set a goal for each day and work toward it. When you see how you progress, you will feel fulfilled and reduce your anxiety.

We hope that our tips on what to do in quarantine so as not to get bored will help you. Please, pay attention and do not go out on the street except for a real need. You have youth and energy. Save them for when all this happens. We defeat this virus together.