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Which Baccalaureate to choose? Which is the best option?

marzo 31, 2021
elegirbachillerato Which Baccalaureate to choose? Which is the best option?

Which Baccalaureate to choose? Which is the best option?

Once you have completed Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), you can continue studying with the aim of obtaining a training that enables you for your professional future. Among the approved studies you can choose from is the Baccalaureate.

The Baccalaureate is part of post-compulsory Secondary Education, it is voluntary and is structured in different modalities to offer specialized training to students.

Choose Baccalaureate

Most of the people who opt for the Baccalaureate do so with the intention of continuing their studies towards the Higher Degree Training Cycles or university. In any case, the Baccalaureate modality is important in order to continue with higher studies.

The decision on what type of Baccalaureate to choose It can be very easy or very difficult, depending on whether you are more or less clear about which studies you would like to pursue next.

If you are doubting which modality to choose, you can use an orientation test. Your results are not definitive and should be discussed with a guidance professional, but they can be a good starting point to begin the process of self-knowledge.

What types of Baccalaureate are there?

Currently, there are three modalities of Baccalaureate:

  • Sciences. This modality is designed for those students who wish to continue their studies towards the field of Sciences, Health Sciences or Engineering. Subjects such as Biology, Technical Drawing, Physics, Geology and Chemistry are included. It would be the itinerary to choose in the case of wanting to access degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Nursing, Industrial Engineering or Telematics Engineering.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences. This modality is aimed at students who want to study humanistic studies or those related to Social Sciences. It is divided into two itineraries. On the one hand, Humanities includes subjects such as Latin or Greek and, on the other, Social Sciences includes subjects such as Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences or Economics. The Humanities itinerary is aimed at university studies in Philology or Literature, while the branch of Social Sciences is oriented towards degrees such as Journalism, Law or Business Administration and Management.

  • Arts. The artistic branch is designed for those who wish to pursue studies related to the arts, such as degrees in Design or Fine Arts. It includes subjects such as Fundamentals of Art, Audiovisual Culture and Artistic Drawing.

What criteria must be taken into account to choose the modality?

  • Your interests. Think about the subjects you have already taken and which ones you are best at and which you like the most, this will give you many clues about the most suitable Baccalaureate modality for you.
  • Subjects of each modality. The first thing you should know is what subjects are taken in each type of Baccalaureate. Keep in mind that in any educational center some compulsory subjects will be taught, but that there are other electives that will vary depending on the center and, therefore, you should inform yourself well of its training offer.
  • College careers that interest you. If the studies that interest you are all from the same field, the decision is easy. In the event that you hesitate between studies in various fields, you should look for the modality that allows you to better access the different studies.
  • Selectivity cut-off note. The cut-off mark is the result between supply and demand. If you want to study with a high cut-off grade, the Baccalaureate modality and obtaining good results during this will be important. The Baccalaureate grade is 60% of your final access grade, and if in the specific part you can take a test on subjects that weigh 0.2, you can add up to 4 points to your access grade.
  • Subjects weighted in the EBAU. The grade that allows you to access university studies is the result between your Baccalaureate average and your Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access (EBAU) grade. In these tests, there is a specific phase that is used to raise the grade, in which you can only take those subjects that the university sets as a priority for access to certain studies.
  • Find out and ask. Ask the high school students what it is like, what the subjects are like, and also your teachers. They will be able to guide you on the different modalities and make you see which one may be more interesting for you.

And if you make the wrong modality, you can always change. And if after completing the Baccalaureate you cannot access the desired studies, there are other forms of access to the university.

Another aspect that you can take into account when choosing the Baccalaureate is the possibility of studying part of it abroad or participating in an International Baccalaureate, Bachibac or Dual Baccalaureate program. In addition, there is also the possibility of taking the Baccalaureate in face-to-face or online modality, or of studying in person at a training center and if this does not teach any subjects of the modality that interests you, take it online at an official center.

Choose the Baccalaureate modality you choose, do not forget that do a good Baccalaureate It will help you train your skills for college and allow you to access the studies you want.

Do you still have doubts? Find out about all the characteristics and their outputs in our section on Baccalaureate.