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Why study Biology?

abril 4, 2021
por que estudiar biologia Why study Biology?

Lovers of nature, animals, life in general … many people are born with the necessary vocation to study Biology. However, others need a little boost or really know the impact that taking these studies can have on their lives. In this sense and to help you know a little about the advantages of this career, we are going to talk to you in this article about some reasons why studying Biology can be quite interesting.

Reasons why study Biology

A well-paying job

Well, it is clear that not everything in life has to be vocational. However, it is important to be able to study what you like. In this way, you are more likely to end up finding a job that performs much more for you as a person and where you are really enjoying what you do. Of course, if to this we add the bonus of charging a little more money, then it really ends up being pretty good.

A recently graduated biologist, on average, is earning over € 1,700 per month gross; about 39,000 Mexican pesos. If we add years of experience in the sector to this, you can get a salary above € 3,000. It is clear that money is not everything in life, but why are we going to fool ourselves, we need money to live. In addition, a job with a good salary is much more attractive than one in which we charge less. And if we do what we like, much better! Without a doubt, this is a compelling reason why study Biology.

Reasons to study Biology

Biology is a career with good job opportunities

No matter how well it is charged, if there is no demand for work later, we could say that it has not really been worth us at all. However, that is a problem that does not correspond to biologists.

The biologist career has an employability percentage higher than 70%. So you are practically making sure to find work from what you have studied. This is something that, unfortunately, many graduates in other areas cannot say. Despite the crisis suffered, the Biology career has not been so affected. Its graduates continue to be among the first when it comes to placing workers in the national market.

You will be in contact with nature

If you are one of those who loves to be outdoors enjoying the animal and plant world, you will love this race. Whether studying Biology or working as a biologist, you will be in direct contact with nature and within this area, you can choose the path.

In this sense, you can guide your work life with what you like the most, from plants to animals. Therefore, you will be able to meet the most exotic species and also discover all the microorganisms that go unnoticed by the human eye. The best way to appreciate life is to know it in detail. So, studying Biology you will be delighted, since it will help you understand how life works.

It’s a fun run

Forget laws, memorizing long texts, doing complex abstract mathematical problems. Biology is a very fun career. Be careful in this aspect, since we do not have to confuse this fun easily. Make it clear to you that this is not a simple race.

Of course, we can affirm without fear of being wrong that when something is more fun, it is much more bearable and also easy to understand. Isn’t it true that hours fly by with your favorite subject? Basically, Biology will be a career that as you study it, it will awaken within you the desire to want to know much more about the world around you. Curiosity is something intrinsic in the human being and, as a biologist, you will satisfy this craving little by little.

If you like to travel, this is your career

Finally, Biology is also a career that travel lovers will find more interesting. We have a planet that is very rich in species and due to the different climates that exist, each region has a different flora and fauna.

In order to get to know each and every one of them better, traveling is essential. As a biologist, Australian species, for example, are not going to come to your door. So you already have an excuse to go visit them and discover a little more the world around you.

Do not hesitate any more why study Biology

In short, if you like nature, you want to have a good salary, have fun while you study, travel and also find work easily, this career is tailor-made for you.

As you can see, the reasons why study Biology can be many. This path can be exciting in every way, so if you were not sure yet, we hope we have helped you with this article.