Why study History?

1617535684 por que estudiar historia Why study History?

Exciting for some, boring for others, the story leaves no one indifferent. If you are wondering which career to choose and you have several possible candidates, here are a few reasons why you should study history.

What is the use of studying history?

Undoubtedly one of the most recurring questions is what history is for, especially now that we have easy access to infinite information on the Internet. If this question has ever haunted your head, don’t worry. In fact, it is good that you question the usefulness of things so that you can use your time in the best possible way.

Why Study History: Reasons

  • Help you better understand the world around you. Today is a consequence of the past, therefore, knowing what happened a long time ago, you will know how we got here.
  • It is the most exciting social science. You will know the experiences and feats of intrepid people. Also, you will learn decisive events and facts that changed the destiny of humanity.
  • It is multidisciplinary. The skills that you will acquire by studying History, you can use them in other fields. You will be able to argue in a solid way, write better texts or express yourself in a more enriched way.
  • Encourage reasoning. By knowing events that occurred in the past, you will be able to relate them and discuss the consequences of each action. In addition to improving memory, your mind will be more agile when reasoning and drawing conclusions.
  • Provide culture. It is the perfect tool to be a cultured person. There will always be some situation where you can demonstrate your knowledge and earn the admiration of your friends.

How to know if the History career is perfect for me?

There are many factors that can tell you whether you should study History or not. For example, if you like documentaries about ancient civilizations or visiting archaeological sites, it can be a good clue. We also strongly recommend that you take our vocational test to be sure.

Job opportunities

There is a wide range of job opportunities for those who decide to study this career. To reinforce the reasons why study History, I am going to list some of them.

The first type of job that comes to mind related to this career is that of a teacher. All general education centers must have a history teacher. There are also those who are good at writing and are dedicated to writing historical novels. You can take a tour of any book store and you will see countless examples. Finally, if we get into the world of audiovisuals, we find others who work making documentaries about the different periods in which humanity has lived. In fact, there is even a television channel where they only show this type of content.

Has it been clear to you why it is good to study history?

If any or all of these reasons have convinced you, surely you are eager to shout from the rooftops “I want to study history!” I think it’s great. Therefore, I encourage you to share this article on your social networks and let everyone know.

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