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Why study Psychology?

abril 4, 2021
por que estudiar psicologia Why study Psychology?

The career of Psychology is complex and beautiful in equal measure. In this article we are going to reveal why studying Psychology is a very valid option. We will also discover everything it covers and the job possibilities it offers you.

What does psychology study

Psychology is the science that is responsible for the study of behavior and the human mind. This discipline helps us understand why someone behaves in such a particular way and what makes some people who they are. Also, it serves to avoid unnecessary suffering. This is achieved by resolving personal conflicts that generate significant discomfort, which causes limitations in many areas of life.

What does the career of Psychology study

Psychology is the science that studies the human character. It is responsible for analyzing all individual and group behaviors of people, to identify what disorders they may be suffering from.

It is true that it gives you the possibility to help others with their conflicts and difficulties, and that is why it is one of the most rewarding careers today. However, at the same time it is a vocation that is in continuous expansion of knowledge and applications.

It is true that some undecided, not knowing what to do, opt for this degree. However, most choose it because they want to understand people better. This is because with it they not only feel better helping others, but also benefit themselves in some way, understanding better and knowing what they really want and how they can get it.

Degree in psychology.
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Job opportunities

The career of Psychology presents multiple exits, among them:

  • You can specialize in child psychology and help children with problems.
  • You can also help depressed people or people with self-esteem issues feel better about themselves.
  • Help others to know how to get their life on the right track.
  • Relationships so that people resolve their conflicts as a couple, and sexology so that they better understand their sexuality.
  • Help and guide people who need your sentimental or psychological advice due to having suffered a trauma.
  • Human Resources and Recruiting to see the characteristics that best fit a specific job position.
  • Advise the authorities to know the degree of danger of a person.
  • Apart from the realization and subsequent clarification and interpretation of the data of the different tests, which can determine the degree of the mental problem that an individual presents.

Reasons to study Psychology

If you are of an age to decide your studies, you may have doubts about it. You may be wondering: “Why study Psychology?” The existing reasons are as broad as the knowledge that you are going to learn in your career and the advantages that you are going to be able to get. Here we bring you some of the reasons why a degree in Psychology may be ideal for you.

Job diversity

Being a race with a wide range of exits, you can choose the branch that suits you best. You can also try them all until you choose one of them. In this way, you will work in the most pleasant environment for you, apart from helping you to cope better in the situations that you may encounter every day.

Personal satisfaction

You will feel great satisfaction for having helped others with their problems and moral dilemmas. In the same way, you will know how to face your problems in a more efficient way.

Understanding the human mind

You will help others understand why they behave in a certain way and will better cope with their personal situation. Additionally, you will have a greater understanding of yourself, which over time will allow you to become a good psychologist.

Helping Others

You will have the ability to help not only your patients, but family and friends who ask you for advice. You will even benefit yourself when dealing with problems or complications that occur in your personal environment.

As you can see, it is a beautiful career, which fulfills both personally and spiritually to know that you are useful and help others with your knowledge. You will be able to understand the human mind in order to help and better understand situations that do not seem important to the rest.

For this and much more, the degree in Psychology is one of the best careers you can do. If what you really want is to do something for others to improve as a person and feel good about what you do, look no further.

The downside

As you can imagine, not everything is pink. It is true that most are positive points that produce satisfaction, but it will also depend on the cases and circumstances.

It should always be borne in mind that not all the patients you meet in your career are going to be collaborators. Some will become involved with your process or will go voluntarily requesting psychotherapy, but not always. Many will find it difficult to assume and recognize what is happening to them, or they will ignore your instructions.

In these situations you cannot do anything, and you must understand that each person has their own rhythm and you cannot force them to see anything that they are not prepared to see. It should be the patient who understands when it is his time to engage in his therapeutic process.

Has it been clear to you why study Psychology?

After analyzing this article, you should already be clear about why study Psychology. Perhaps the reasons we have given you will help you clarify whether it is what you really need. In case you have come to the conclusion that you want to study another career, do not be discouraged. I recommend that you take our vocational guidance test to clear up your doubts.