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Work dignifies man

marzo 31, 2021
trabajodignifica2.0 Work dignifies man
Karl Marx (1818-1883) was the author of a phrase, “Work dignifies man“, in which he summarized his philosophy on man’s relationship with his own nature. Under this sentence, which has lived through several versions throughout history, the German philosopher explains that man brings out his potentialities with the performance of a work, on the other hand, exclusive of the human being.

Work benefits

Unlike other animals, Homo sapiens is capable of modifying nature with a free and conscious activity. Work is not only the place where we spend a third of our day to day, but it also has its own values ​​that man acquires when he performs a job. What’s more, Thanks to it, human beings can feel integrated into society, improve their self-esteem and project a positive image of themselves before others.

Numerous studies have shown that the absence of work causes negative effects on the person and on society. People who are either unemployed, or have lost state aid or subsidies, show a high incidence of feelings of insecurity, isolation, frustration and negativity. It also implies a reduction in social relationships and in some cases depression and anxiety.

Work dignifies man

The self esteem of the person with work increases due to the following causes:

  • The worker verifies that he can perform a job that requires knowledge, experience or both.
  • The collection of a salary allows you to access a level of consumption that meets your needs and, if it is the case, provides your family with what they need to live and develop.
  • The employee certifies that he can play a useful role in society, which places him within a social status of recognition.

Working is synonymous with adhering to a discipline of schedules, effort and attempts to achieve specific goals, which implies that the employee puts a good part of his human resources on his part.

For the entrepreneur or employed person to achieve the highest goals, and this has repercussions on the good running of the company, it is essential that the work environment is motivating, rewards efforts and listens and encourages the opinions of all those involved in the labor process. Work always dignifies man in such circumstances.

The adequacy between job expectations and the achievements obtained depends on the possibilities for improvement or promotion within the company, as well as the mobility of the labor sector in which the job is carried out.

Conditions of a job that dignifies

Finally, it is important to mention what circumstances must exist so that the maxim that work dignifies man is fulfilled:

  • Identification of the worker with the work carried out and with the philosophy and objectives of the company.
  • Adequacy between the capacity of the employee and the job he performs.
  • Economic compensation in accordance with the work and responsibilities carried out at work.
  • Generation of a scenario of expectations for professional and personal development in the medium and long term.
  • Positive and motivating work environment.