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wrong reasons to study a degree

abril 4, 2021
por que no ir a la universidad wrong reasons to study a degree

Today everyone can give you a thousand reasons why study a career. It seems that by all accounts it is the best decision you can make. You take a vocational test and, when you want to realize it, you are at the door of the faculty about to start university. But wait. Was the step you took the correct step or did you rely on light reasons? We are going to tell you why not go to college. Here is a list of reasons that you should ignore when deciding whether to pursue higher education. Make no mistake!

Why not go to college

  1. Because your parents ask you to.
  2. Since your friends are going to college and you want to stay with them.
  3. Because, even if you don’t like any of the careers you can study, it is better than nothing.
  4. To get a high paying job.
  5. Because you will earn the respect of others.
  6. Because not going to college is a disgrace to the family.
  7. To be able to boast of having studied a career.
  8. Because it’s what everyone does and you don’t want to be less.
  9. Because you think it is the only way to be an expert at something.
  10. Because you think there are no worthwhile alternatives.
Why not study a career.

You can be a good professional without studying a degree

It is true that when you study for a degree, you generally receive a good education. But this does not mean that it is the only means. There are many alternatives you can learn from. In fact, thanks to the Internet, nowadays it is easy to find better notes on the net than those that the teacher can give you in class.

You should also keep in mind that there are many reputable trades for which there is no career. Can you imagine a society without electricians or plumbers (plumbers)? Of course not. They are very necessary professionals who have not studied at the university.

To go or not to go to university, that is the question

Perhaps in your case one of the points listed above is fulfilled. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, your parents may well be happy if you study for a degree. Of course, since you are a good son, you want them to like you. The problem would be that all your reasons are on that list. Look for real reasons that give weight to your decision. Could you make a convincing case for why you want to study for a degree?

My recommendation before deciding what to do is to think about it a lot. Take your time. Let no one press you either for or against. Grab a pen and paper. Make two columns and put in one why not go to college and in another why yes. What you decide will affect the rest of your life. So, don’t you think it’s important to take time to think about it?

These are the wrong reasons that I consider that you should not take into account when choosing to pursue a career. Do you think they are successful? Have I forgotten any? Do you think that I am wrong? Tell me. I am looking forward to your opinion.