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Astrophysicist / Astrophysicist | I do not know what to study

abril 3, 2021
lugares donde trabaja un astrofisico observatorio Astrophysicist / Astrophysicist | I do not know what to study

The Astrophysicist is responsible for studying the universe, planets, stars and other space phenomena using special equipment such as satellites and telescopes.

Astrophysics is the science that combines 2 specialties: astronomy and physics. Astrophysicists use the principles of physics to study the solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe.

If you are a student and are you interested in becoming an astrophysicist, you need to focus on the classes of math, physical, computing, Sciences and
as reference language the English, is important because astrophysicists they should write their results, communicate with other scientists and give lectures on their work in that language.

After high school (or high school), to get started in the astrophysics some start with a licensed at physical, astronomy or mathematics, then to specialize and do your own research or teach, you must have at least one master’s degree in astrophysics.

The astrophysicist works to understand the beginning and end of the lives of stars and planets.

Astrophysicists develop research, theories, and experiments to resolve doubts about the origin of the Universe and its changes, and physicists use physics to study broader areas such as gravity, electromagnetism, and nuclear interactions.

The work of an Astrophysicist

A primary duty of most astrophysicists is to make and record observations. What they observe and the questions they attempt to answer may vary, but the process is very similar across the profession.

To do their job, astrophysicists need access to diverse equipment, expensive and large, such as radio telescopes, spectrometers and special computers. This equipment is generally available only at universities with large astronomy departments and government observatories, therefore most astrophysicists are employed by universities or the government. Most astrophysicists who work for universities are also teaching.

Where does an Astrophysicist work?

Many astrophysicists get their first paid job as graduate students helping professors in astronomy, physics, or astrophysics.

At the beginning of their careers, they may be assigned for night observation work, using telescopes and other equipment to observe the stars. Astrophysicists record their observations and analyze data using computers or special computers, then share their findings with the scientific community, and finally publish their work in professional journals.

Astrophysicists work with other professionals such as mathematicians, physicists, and other scientists, generally working regular hours in laboratories, observatories, or classrooms. However, some investigations may require them to work at night and for long hours.

lugares donde trabaja un astrofisico observatorio Astrophysicist / Astrophysicist | I do not know what to study

With more experience, astrophysicists can advance to become full professors, leaders of research institutions, or managers of observatories.

The work of astrophysicists is affected by factors outside the field, such as cutbacks and political questions about funding expensive research programs.

lugares donde trabaja un astrofisico maquinas Astrophysicist / Astrophysicist | I do not know what to study

What does it take to be an Astrophysicist?

To be an astrophysicist you need a active imagination, has the ability to stay focused, meet deadlines and draw logical conclusions.

An important characteristic that defines the professional astrophysicist is his patience, since throughout his career many investigations can be long and last a certain number of years.

Because astrophysicists require such expensive equipment to do their work, their employers are generally limited to large universities or government agencies, department of defense, physics labs, research and development service companies.