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Business Administration | I do not know what to study

abril 5, 2021
administracion empresas Business Administration | I do not know what to study

The Business Administration career prepares trained professionals to effectively manage and direct the human resources of a company, entity or organization at a global level.

Business Administration is a complete career, you’ll learn about all the different aspects and the areas that make up a company, you will obtain economic, humanistic, accounting and administrative knowledge.

Why study the career of Business Administration?

Bachelor of Business Administration is a degree career that can be taken in person or virtually, with an approximate duration of 4 years, the training is directly related to Economics, Accounting, Statistics and Costs, upon graduation from this career, if it has been completed 4 years, the degree of Bachelor of Administration is awarded.

In many universities, after 3 years of study, they offer an intermediate degree of University Technician, there are also universities that offer a double degree. Generally, for enrollment in the business administration degree, it is necessary to have passed the complete Secondary level.

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Whoever studies Business Administration is a person prepared for the establishment and proper management of private businesses or public organizations. In general, they are professionals with a great entrepreneurial sense who know how to guide an organization towards maximizing its profits and creating jobs in a society. They have financial skills, but they are also trained from a humanistic side to know how to deal with their collaborators. In the following article, we will tell you what are the advantages of studying a career in Business Administration to decide if it is the right path for you.

Are you clear about exactly what Business Administration is?

The need and ability to manage the resources that surround them is inherent in the human being. Since we live in society, these resources must be optimized to be distributed in the best way under the economic models that have evolved over time. Therefore, we say that management is a discipline as old as human civilizations, although it did not develop as a professional concept until much later. The administration, like many other disciplines that today are university, also has its origin in the war industry. For war, civilizations and their leaders have had to know how to administer food, shelter, weapons and the soldiers necessary to fight. It is also in this area where an idea of ​​hierarchies was developed that today we can find in many organizations.

As with engineering, the history of management as a formal concept does not go back very far. During the 18th and 19th centuries, a phenomenon called the Industrial Revolution occurred. In this period of change, countries achieved unprecedented technological development that allowed the establishment of modern production chains, similar to those we know today. More factories were built than ever, and populations that previously worked in the fields began to migrate to urban areas. This was a modernization process that required the knowledge of the administration for development to be efficient and for the benefit of societies.

From this, dozens of theories emerged that propose different modes of administration, whose efficiency is tested through experimentation and evaluation of their results. The optimal result of an administrative theory will always be the fulfillment of the objectives that are established, which are generally to maximize the economic gains for the members of an organization.

The administration in companies is what aims to give them the greatest amount of advantages in their operation. It is about detecting problems in the management of resources and finding ways to grow rapidly at the lowest possible cost. The method that this takes depends a lot on the theory in question, but today’s most successful companies must continue to innovate to meet objectives, while promoting healthy competition and compliance with all legal and tax regulations (ie say, taxes).

Theories change with the thinkers who establish them and the spirit of societies at every moment in history. Today, for example, the idea of ​​sustainability is on the rise, which seeks efficient administration for current generations without sacrificing access to resources for those to come.

How is the profile of an administrator

A business administrator is the right person to run an organization. Although we usually concentrate on the business side, by the name of the career, an administrator is also qualified to practice in public administration organizations and also non-governmental ones. This is because any organization has limited material and human resources, and a manager can make sure they are used efficiently.

The business administrator is able to diagnose, like a doctor to the human body, the most urgent crises within an organization. He is a person who solves problems, since he has a trained eye to identify them. Therefore, the comprehensive analysis of internal and external situations is a necessary skill in the administrator. It is in decision making where his assertiveness and proactivity are put into practice.

Graduates of this career are also leaders with a high entrepreneurial sense. In general, they are very good at dealing with people due to their direct interaction with company collaborators, from employees and owners, through suppliers, to customers. Entrepreneurship is the look that identifies business opportunities around it. You must be able to create a business plan with a view to the short, medium and long term, and then execute it and know how to evaluate the results.

business administration presentation

In recent years, the issue of corporate social responsibility has been in vogue. Gone are the days where companies were limited to generating profits for their shareholders. Today, in a globalized world and in environmental decline, it is necessary for the administrator to have a human sense that allows him to act responsibly. You must always keep in mind that you have people under your care, employees who need to meet your needs and wants as well. It is there where the social leadership of the administrator should shine more.

Generally, those who enter the Business Administration career understand the advantages of being a correct administrator. They are skills that serve in daily life, since in our homes we also do administrative work. In addition, applicants tend to have a special interest in economic, historical, legal, mathematical and general culture subjects. The ability to work in a team is obviously crucial to the success of a business manager.

Frequently asked questions about the career of Business Administration:

  1. How long is the race?
    Generally, Business Administration studies will take you between 3 and 4 years to complete, although some universities can extend their study plans for up to 5 years.
  2. What is the average cost of studying Business Administration?
    For private universities, the average cost of studying this career is around $ 6,000 per year, although in public universities the cost can drop considerably.
  3. Do you need to know math to be an administrator?
    It is preferable that applicants arrive with interest and some skill in mathematics, as they will study accounting and finance. However, it is not necessary to be as high a level for mathematics as in engineering careers or for some exact sciences such as physics.
  4. What personalities work in Business Administration?
    Extroverts, assertive people, with a facility for interpersonal relationships and leadership are the most suitable to study this career.

General subjects in the career of Business Administration

Here is a list of subjects that, in general, are in all the universities that offer the career of Business Administration:

  • Mathematical analysis
  • Algebra
  • Microeconomics and macroeconomics
  • Politic science
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Trade and international business
  • Research and innovation
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business finance
  • Taxes
  • Human resources management
  • Leadership and social responsibility
  • Right
  • Management
  • Financial calculation
  • Management and Costs
  • Statistics
  • Logistics
  • Marketing

In an organization, numbers are always important. Therefore a good administrator knows control the finances of an organization so that, at the end of the fiscal year, there is a profit for the shareholders.

The administrator also has to know how to protect an organization against possible threats and about the legal aspects, knowledge about business contracts, legal obligations that he has as administrator.

Job opportunities

As a graduate in Business Administration, you will have very good opportunities in the job market.

You could work for example in a multinational company, coordinating the administrative area or another area, generally in management positions or higher, coordinating the operation and effectiveness of these areas.

business administrator

The field of work of a business administrator it is quite wide, it is capable of carry out consulting activities business in own ventures, can offer services as an external consultant in matters related to marketing, management, processes, services, finances, among others, in addition a business administrator can also work as a public official.

A business administrator can work in different sectors and industries and practice your profession in public organizations or private, cultural and political institutions, in NGOs, public or private entity for profit or not, in public and private companies, SMEs, small, medium or large, national or international.

The student of Business Administration you become a competitive professional because you acquire a solid commercial training that deepens your analysis capabilities, prepares you to face problems, analyze and solve them, also acquires knowledge in strategic management, human resource management, marketing and processes.

The training prepares the student to can play its functions in any of the areas, decide and develop the business business in each of its channels and …