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Communication Sciences | I do not know what to study

abril 5, 2021
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Communication Sciencesn is one of the careers of the social sciences group. In this career everything centers on one question: how can you convey a clear message, through the suitable channels, so that it reaches our target audience and has the desired effect on it? One of the great advantages of this career is that you can specialize in the field that you like the most, such as: radio, television, journalism, public relations, networks and telecommunications, among others.

It is a science that we keep in mind in daily life every second, with different media such as the telephone, television, the internet, and advertisements. But above all, with all those people around us, we carry out this science every time we speak and transmit a message to someone. But it’s not just about think of a message, say it and have someone listen to it. The communicators they go beyond just transmitting a message, they focus on the study and the great complexity that it entails, studying the process through which said must pass message to be delivered correctly to the intended recipient.

In this career you develop various skills, which allow you to be a competent person in society when looking for employment, since, not only do you obtain and develop skills for the aforementioned specialties, you can also dedicate yourself to advertising or marketing. trade.

Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Nebrija University

communication Sciences

Communication Sciences is a career that opens different windows for you, develops your skills in the creative field and innovative When it comes to creating an eye-catching message to attract people, it helps you improve the way you express yourself, so that this is the correct one when transmitting a message depending on the characteristics of the society to which it is What are you going to?