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Community Manager | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021
comunity manager redes.614x0 is Community Manager | I do not know what to study

What is a community manager?

A community manager is someone who makes decisions on social media for a business, and is considered the voice of a business on social and digital media sites. They will use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, etc., to link a company, brand or product with a target audience in order to boost engagement and create a community. This results in subscribers and sales for a business.

What does a Community Manager do?

If you’ve ever liked a business on Facebook, that account is probably managed by a community manager. In order to create and implement a strategy for social media, the community manager not only has to understand the company they work for, but they need to have a good understanding of the industry in which the company is located. Be in line with the objectives of the company, brand identity and target audience. Communities Managers often coordinate with a company’s marketing team to promote paid advertising, campaigns, product launches, and events.

A considerable part of the role of a community manager is creating content and choosing images for specific social networks. This includes creating variations of existing content to suit specific networks or creating content from scratch. The content can only be 140 characters long, or it can be an attractive blog post. Regardless, the purpose of any content is to grow and get more clicks.

A Community Manager will also conduct tests to help with the optimization of each platform to drive engagement and results. Marketing is undoubtedly becoming more data-driven, and it is important that the Community Manager feel comfortable looking at, analyzing, and obtaining useful information from the data.

comunity manager redes.614x0 is Community Manager | I do not know what to study

An incredibly important part of the role of a Community Manager is creating a community, a community in which followers connect with each other. This is not an easy task to perform and it is quite complicated and heavy. In larger companies, there are specific positions that only deal with this area. They will facilitate the community by asking engaging questions, sparking discussions, and moderating spam or inappropriate comments.

What is the workplace of a Community Manager like?

The workplace of a Community Manager can be in an office environment or a home environment. Because the job involves so much computer-related work, it’s easy to work from home. Larger companies generally prefer their Community Manager to work in the office, in order to collaborate with the advertising and marketing team when necessary.