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Criminalistics | I do not know what to study

abril 5, 2021
1617588361 947 NSQE criminalistica Criminalistics | I do not know what to study

A definition that could encompass the criminology, in the mouth of a professional in the field, is “the science of small detail”. The criminology is the denomination that is given to the set of forensic sciences.

The objective is to discover and contribute physical evidence of crimes, and also determine their perpetrators and victims.
The central idea is to reconstruct a history from the traces that history has left. It is to observe the past through the pieces that are found, and everything focused on the clarification of crimes and crimes, using science as a tool. For detailed, analytical and creative spirits with a great desire to serve the community.

The Labor field of the graduate in criminology is quite concrete: his work goes hand in hand with him justice system and the police activity.

The criminalistics professionals frequently they work in judicial dependencies and penitentiaries, although they also take place as investigators in court, customs, embassies and universities.

Many graduates are dedicated to teaching and the education; Others work independently as advisers or experts in national and international organizations. It also goes hand in hand with that of other varied disciplines, such as anthropology, chemistry, psychology, criminology; all disciplines together with the same objective: discovering the truth and granting justice to the victims.


The degree in criminology It is the centerpiece in this whole process; is he support arm of the judicial system and on which all its operation depends.