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Data scientist | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021

With the rise of large amounts of data collection and the need for analytics, data scientists have become in demand across a wide range of companies and industries.

Data science as a profession incorporates a range of skills in mathematics, statistics, and computer programming (computers).

Skills needed to be a Data Scientist

The specific skills required for data science positions depend on each company, generally looking for:

  • Skills in software, statistical programming languages ​​and databases.
  • Methods of learning and development of new products based on data.
  • Knowledge of data virtualization tools.

How become a data scientist

Today there are different viable options to become a data scientist, from the academic offerings offered in graduate schools that offer the master’s degree in data, there are also non-formal and virtual options offered by global educational platforms.

To be a data scientist you need solid business knowledge, real data handling experience, communication skills, and understanding of the problem management you are trying to solve.

What is data science?

A data scientist has a real passion for analysis. A great knowledge in Business analysis, statistics, computing and science, with experience in fields such as design of experiments, algorithms, dashboards, and data visualization.

■ Ability to quickly identify a simple, robust, and scalable solution to a problem.
■ Ability to convince and drive management in the right direction, sometimes against their will, for the benefit of the company, its users and shareholders.
■ Knowledge of data architecture.
■ Data collection and cleaning techniques.
■ Good knowledge of algorithms.

Some data scientists are also data strategists and develop an impact strategy. This requires creativity to develop business-based analytical solutions. Data science is in the intersection of informatics, the business engineering and the statistics, data mining and automation.