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Dentist | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021
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What is a dentist?

A dentist is a physician whose practice is in the field of dentistry. This involves the mouth, teeth, gums, and related areas. Some studies have shown that diseases related to the teeth and gums can be indicators of some health problems. Oral health is essential to the overall overall health of the body and a dentist will encourage and help his patients maintain a healthy mouth.

¿What does a dentist do?

A dentist performs many important duties in maintaining oral health. Checkups are an important part of the job and are important for patients to stay on top of their oral care. In addition to general check-ups, general dentistry involves basic treatments that can be done in a regular dental office. Such procedures can include filling a tooth, performing a minor surgical procedure, such as a tooth extraction, and cleaning and polishing the teeth. A dentist will encourage patients to practice good dental care through brushing and flossing and regular cleaning, as these good habits can help prevent cavities and other diseases of the teeth and gums.

1617512852 338 odontologa.614x0 is Dentist | I do not know what to study

Within dentistry, there are specific specialties that require additional training. Examples of specialties include:

The area that specializes in treating the internal tissues or “pulp” of the tooth that is made up mostly of nerves and blood vessels; An endodontist performs root canal treatments and other procedures and exams involving the inner tooth

Problems with the straightening and alignment of the teeth and jaw; an orthodontist will adjust the braces and treat conditions involving misaligned teeth; It will also address issues related to the bone area and around the mouth, which may be related to other health problems.

It refers to the area around the tooth, including the gums and other tissues; A periodontist will take care of your gum disease.

The area related to cosmetic dentistry and the appearance of teeth; a prosthodontist adapts implants to replace extracted teeth and takes care of other prosthetics in the mouth.

Pediatric Dentist
He specializes in treating children’s teeth; They can work with other specialists if specific areas are involved (for example, gum disease).

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What is the workplace of a dentist like?

The workplace tends to be a dental office or dental hospital and the settings tend to be typical clinical, clean and sterile settings and work with the same professionals every day. The variation will be in patients and interaction with different people every day. As all towns and cities require dental offices, it should be possible for a dentist to find a workplace within commuting distance.