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Designer / Clothing Designer | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021

What is an apparel designer?

An apparel designer is a fashion professional who is responsible for creating the look of actors and actresses in movies, television, and in stage productions. The costume designer does this through designing, sewing, researching, and purchasing actual clothing and used suits and selecting or designing accessories that help define each character.

An apparel designer must have in-depth knowledge of film, production, theater, merchandising, and fashion design. It also takes the ability and desire to continually research and learn about settings, cultures, and periods in history that help demonstrate the director’s vision.

The apparel designer and his team must ensure that individual accessories and costumes reflect the story being told and portray the character’s personalities, cultures, ages, status, and relationships. Many costumes may be required for each character to define the attitude and feel that can change with each new scene, setting, or development.

What does an apparel designer do?

Every apparel design job begins with the designer carefully reading the script. It is important for the costume designer to have a good idea of ​​the overall plot, focus, and intent of the director, as well as the personalities, roles, and relationships that various characters have throughout the production.

Once the apparel designer has a good idea of ​​the direction of production, he can research clothing, designs, and materials indicative of the particular location or time period. Next, the designer will create a costume that follows the characters through the progression of the production, changing their clothing when appropriate.

What is the workplace of a costume designer like?

Apparel designers are employed in all major cities that have audiovisual productions. Designers work on film and television productions, stage productions, theater, and even festivals. The more experience a designer has, the greater his chance of being hired.

Most apparel designers start with college or regional theaters and then television and film. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned designer, the hours are often long and demanding. From the moment the designer reads the script to the start of the show, he’s always on the go.