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Epidemiologist / Epidemiologist | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021

Epidemiology is a term used to describe the study of disease and its spread in different populations. Epidemiology aims to study diseases to understand the connection and causes between the condition, which causes the disease, and its carrier.

The epidemiologist or epidemiologist are professional medical scientists who focus on epidemiology. Epidemiologists use the same principle of the study and take into consideration the conditions that cause the epidemic and the factors behind the epidemic, the diseases and the disease carrier and so on. They study these situations to determine the factors that determine the epidemic. Next, try to find out the most likely reasons for the occurrence of an epidemic or epidemiological events. For example, if there is a flu epidemic and there is a low vaccination rate in the community, you can consider the reason as the causes of an epidemic and you can start studying an influenza vaccine for your community. If there is something very different about the condition or disease, which may be the reason behind the epidemic, you can use that knowledge to develop an antiviral vaccine for your community.