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Head of Kitchen – Chef

abril 4, 2021
chef de cocina.570x0 is Head of Kitchen - Chef

What is a Chef?

A chef is someone who is in the profession of preparing, cooking, and presenting food. A chef can also be very innovative with food, create new dishes, decide what specials of the day will be, and put together an exciting menu. Some examples of a chef would include restaurant and hotel chefs, and bakery and pastry chefs.

What does a chef do?

Most chefs have some specialty or preferred area of ​​work, although it can take time for a chef to establish himself in a particular niche. Often times, the chefs who are recognized are the ones who are trained in a myriad of areas of preparation, with many skill sets that help coordinate a kitchen.

chef de cocina.570x0 is Head of Kitchen - Chef

A restaurant chef, or “station chef” can work at any of the stations, ranging from preparing cold foods, making soups or sauces.
The chef profession is hierarchical, positions are defined by seniority and have authority over all kitchen workers.

This career is a good choice for the highly motivated person who enjoys a challenge and an active workplace, day after day. Long hours are almost common for the average chef, and working late hours is very common as well. Many restaurants may close at 10:00 PM, but their kitchens are cleaned and ready for the next day.

chef.614x0 is Head of Kitchen - Chef

Attention to detail is also important in making recipes and keeping track of kitchen supplies, stock levels, and management duties often expected of a restaurant chef. Being in good physical shape and maintaining excellent personal hygiene are also important for a position in which one can expect to be on their feet for at least eight hours a day, lifting heavy pots and cooking equipment.

What is the workplace of a cook like?

The chef’s workplace can be very diverse, ranging from high-end restaurant and hotel kitchens to private kitchens, hospital kitchens, retirement centers, cruise ships or even providing food for film production.